Call of Duty Warzone to boast RAAL LMG meta in new update

The RAAL LMG in Call of Duty Warzone (Image via Activision)
The RAAL LMG in Call of Duty Warzone (Image via Activision)
Manish Das

The RAAL LMG was added to the Call of Duty Warzone as part of the Modern Warfare integration. Since then, this Light Machine Gun (LMG) hasn't seen much change to its stats, neither being buffed nor nerfed like the other meta LMGs in that time.

However, with the recent update of Season 3 Reloaded, the RAAL LMG finally has a chance to get a place in the current meta. With the integration of Vanguard, many players are playing Vanguard LMGs like Bren and MG42.

However, those tired of playing with the same gun throughout the season have a chance to shift to this Modern Warfare LMG.


Loadout for RAAL LMG in Call of Duty Warzone

The stock RAAL LMG of Call of Duty Warzone is not liked by gamers for its less than average stability while firing. Vertical recoil is also too much.

However, if they add proper attachments, individuals can get a stable firing platform that is relatively smooth while shooting.

The best attachments for the RAAL LMG are:

  • Muzzle - RAAL Monocore
  • Barrel - 32.0" RAAL Line Breaker
  • Optics - VLK 3.0x Optics
  • Laser - Tac Laser
  • Underbarrel - FFS Oblique

The RAAL Monocore adds to the weapon's damage range while suppressing the sound of gunfire. It does add on to the aiming-down-sight (ADS) and steadiness of the gun, but the rest of the attachments make up for it.

Paired with the 32.0" RAAL Line Breaker barrel, the firearm gains a massive increase in damage range and bullet velocity while making the gun more controllable when it comes to recoil.

But when users add the Tac laser and the FFS Oblique underbarrel, they get a boost in ADS that completes the entire package. Adding the Tac laser grants much better ADS speed while improving aim stability and aim-walking steadiness.

FFS Oblique grip helps improve the recoil control even further while decreasing the ADS speed even more.

The VLK 3.0x optics will help stabilize the gun's kick on the screen while providing the necessary magnification down-range. This setup makes the RAAL a high-damage yet manageable LMG. It is perfect for engaging enemies from mid to long range.

RAAL compared to current meta LMG

RAAL stats comparison in Call of Duty Warzone (Image via
RAAL stats comparison in Call of Duty Warzone (Image via

In stat comparison, it can be observed that the RAAL LMG with the above attachments can achieve an average TTK of 845ms, whereas the best loadout for Bren achieves an average TTK of 892ms. The difference in TTK shows that RAAL achieves TTK values comparable to the meta weapons of the current season.

The recoil on the RAAL is easier to control when contrasted with the other LMGs. This shows that it has everything to be a top meta weapon of the current Call of Duty Warzone season.

Best perks to run with RAAL LMG

Being an LMG, the RAAL is a heavy weapons platform, making sprinting with it quite cumbersome. For this reason, Double Time is a must for the first perk slot to get that required mobility.

The perk for the second slot should be Ghost. The RAAL is mostly a mid-to-long range gun, so this perk will help gamers avoid enemy UAVs.

The perk for the third slot will be Combat Scout, helping keep track of opponents even at a distance.

Disclaimer: All the mentioned stats have been taken from Also, this article is entirely based on the author's personal opinions.

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