Candace in Genshin Impact: Leaked model and everything known so far

Accurate fan art of Candace approved by leakers (Image via Genshin Impact)
Accurate fan art of Candace approved by leakers (Image via Genshin Impact)

With Genshin Impact closing in on the new version 3.0 update, more reliable leaks have surfaced within the community. This time, sources have revealed Candace's in-game model.

For those who don't know, Candace (also known as Kandake in some leaks) is an upcoming Sumeru character that was found in game files. Since then, fans have been hoping to learn more about her and receive leaks on her character design. A description of her design was announced by leaks in the early 3.0 leaks, but there is finally a leak that shows her in-game model. The following article will cover everything players need to know about Candace in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact 3.0: Leaks reveal in-game model of Candace and more

The above Reddit post reveals an image that looks like an in-game model of the upcoming Sumeru character, Candace. Many in the community had their suspicions about the authenticity of the leaked image. However, the character design has been confirmed as real by reliable leakers such as UBatcha and SaveYourPrimos.

In the early public beta of patch 3.0, sources had already shared a description of Candace's character design with the community. Players came up with various pieces of fan art which were then rated by reliable sources. After the latest in-game leak, it did not take long for fans to publish their fan art, using the leaked image as a reference. A fan on Reddit who goes by the name u/Accomplished_Bid7169 came up with the most accurate fan art of Candace yet, which was even rated 10/10 by SaveYourPrimos.

10/10.There are far too many details correct here for the accuracy to be a coincidence. Take that as you will.Source:…- IT

All you need to know about Candace from Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks

Based on the latest leaks, Candace has been confirmed to be a 4-star character from Sumeru. With Hydro vision, she will have mastery over Polearm weapons. The leaks also mentioned that she is expected to debut in the upcoming patch 3.1 alongside Cyno and Nilou, two new 5-stars from Sumeru.

Playable characters in 3.1 should be Cyno, Nilou and CandaceCyno & Nilou 5 starCandace 4 star

Despite her 4-star rarity in Genshin Impact, fans admire her extremely beautiful character design. Additionally, she will be the first Hydro Polearm user on the roster. In fact, some players have mixed feelings about making such an incredible model design and kit for a 4-star character.

Candace was first mentioned by reliable leakers in mid-June, but sources did not know her name, which was later revealed. Early leaks have already confirmed that Candace will be using a tall female model, just like Jean and Raiden Shogun. Additionally, her attire involves flowy clothes with gold accessories, where certain parts of the body such as the stomach and legs are exposed.

🤗tall female body type (jean/raiden). darker-skinned. navy hair in twin tails that reach just past her chest. purple/gold heterochromia. adorned with gold accessories, including an ankh as a collar pendant. crescent moon motifs. flowy clothing, tummy and legs exposed.…

Genshin Impact loves to add special details unique to each character in their model design. These details become trademark features and sometimes also help make the characters popular. It was the horns for Ganyu and the flower-type eyes for Hutao. For Candace, apart from her attire and long hair, she will be the first Genshin Impact character to have heterochromia as the leak mentions her having purple and gold eyes.

There are speculations that the release of the latest patch will also release some drip marketing for the upcoming characters. Hopefully, the developers will release drip marketing for Candace as well, so that the community can finally get an official look at her.

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