Leaker reveals upcoming Genshin Impact character ‘Candace’

A supposedly accurate depiction of Candace (Image via HoYoverse, Sandra)
A supposedly accurate depiction of Candace (Image via HoYoverse, Sandra)

Candace is a character many Genshin Impact fans have been hoping to see for a while now. A description of her design has been leaked before, but now there's something new to discuss. The latest leak is a redrawing of her official design, which was given a 10/10 rating by a credible leaker.

The leaker (SpendYourPrimos) has rated other Sumeru designs rather accurately as of late, so there is no reason to doubt the Candace evaluation here. Keep in mind that her official artwork and model still haven't been revealed, but there are other minor leaks to cover.

A supposedly accurate design of Genshin Impact's Candace has been leaked

10/10.There are far too many details correct here for the accuracy to be a coincidence. Take that as you will.Source:…- IT

The above image supposedly showcases a strikingly similar design to the final product. Without official artwork to look at, it's hard to evaluate it objectively. Still, many Travelers might appreciate seeing leaks for a character that HoYoverse hasn’t revealed yet.

This image contains many of the traits described in the previous leaks, and the artist considers it to be a redrawing of official artwork. The person who posted this on Reddit (u/Accomplished_Bid7169) stated that it was not splash art.

Other Candace leaks

[Reliable - HXG] HXG has confirmed Cyno, Nilou, and Candace for 3.1. This has been speculated for some time, but no one has yet gone on-record to confirm it.(Candace is a Hydro Polearm user from the Desert region of Sumeru. Details:…

There are several other important Genshin Impact leaks that cover this unreleased character. Here is a quick summary:

  • She will be playable in Genshin Impact 3.1 (the exact banner is unknown at the moment).
  • She is a 4-star Hydro Polearm user (she is the first Hydro Polearm user in the game).
  • She comes from Sumeru.

Since there are no substantial gameplay leaks to discuss at the moment, there isn't any way to verify the leaks at the moment. If she is in Version 3.1, then her model and kit will be leaked in the upcoming beta.

Still, there are a few gameplay leaks to cover.

[BETA] Character DataNilou (E related to "dance")Cyno (NA have a 2nd mode like Raiden & Ayato, maybe due to Q)Candace (E has 3 charge levels)NahidaUnnamed character with no infoUnknown weapon types (not bow) & release dates.No Alternate Sprints.※ STC#ProjectCelestia
Candace can generate a shield with her E.In data her E is similar to Diona, Beidou, Gorou and Sara. That could mean nothing in the end, but I decided to share it anyways.#GenshinImpact #原神 #Genshin

The only gameplay leaks related to Candace to talk about are the ones shown above. Basically, she has three charges of her Elemental Skill, which is apparently capable of creating a shield. There aren't any specific stats on the effectiveness of this shield, but some players might appreciate that she's capable of creating shields.

It is worth reiterating that if she is a playable character in Genshin Impact 3.1, then the upcoming beta leaks will reveal her full kit in detail. The only other leaks worth covering as of right now are related to her personality.

last bit for tonight:dehya and candace are good friends 😭 - a.q.
@SpendYourPrimos We've known each other for some time now, she's a pretty interesting person. Even though she's an extremely strong warrior, she never misuses her power against others.

The first tidbit to share here is that she's a good friend of Dehya. Genshin Impact players often love to think about characters interacting with one another, so this minor detail might be interesting to some players.

candace is cool, calm, and collected. gentle and graceful, she will always help those found in need in/around her village, regardless of who they are. a playful sense of humor, which she often uses as a comfort to others. a wise and nurturing pillar of the community. (1/2)…
protecting her village is her life's work, and she's content spending the rest of her life doing so. those who pose a threat to said village meet swift, immediate consequences with no chance of mercy. (2/2) - a.q.

Apart from this, she's a calm, cool, and collected type of person. Candace apparently loves to protect her village and has a sense of humor to boot. More specific story leaks will likely come out in the Genshin Impact 3.1 beta, so fans of her personality should wait to find out more about her then.

Travelers should remember that everything shown here is subject to change, since the leaks cannot be easily verified at the moment. Not to mention, HoYoverse can always change certain aspects of her character before the release date.

This is real.Candace (Latinized version of "Kandake"), 4-star Hydro Polearm releasing in 3.1 (banner unknown).Image source:…

The above leak contains her in-game model, which very closely resembles the artwork shown above. Since some leakers vouch for the authenticity of this leak, it's most likely an accurate representation of the new character.

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