"Characters can go in any direction": Apex Legends character developer reveals Lifeline's original design as a male Legend

Lifeline is one of the best support Legends on Apex Legends (Image via EA)
Lifeline is one of the best support Legends on Apex Legends (Image via EA)

Each Legend in Apex Legends is endowed with special abilities that players can use in battle royale matches. Back when the game was released in 2019, there were a total of eight Legends.

Of the original eight, Combat Medic Lifeline was the ultimate support element during intense fights. However, a recent post by an Apex Legends character developer brought to light that the Legend was originally intended to be male.

Apex Legends Lifeline’s male version that was scrapped

The lead animator of Respawn Entertainment, Moy Parra, recently tweeted an old artwork of Lifeline, showing that she was originally supposed to be a man. The tweet has a total of over 3.3K likes, 203 retweets, and 113 comments as of this writing.

The artwork depicted a bearded Legend that drawn with pencil and painted using water colors. This version of Lifeline reminded Apex Legends enthusiasts of the Fuse skins that were eventually introduced in the latter seasons of the battle royale game.

The renowned animator also discussed the character development process via subsequent threads to the original artwork tweet. He mentioned that in order to create a lasting impression on the minds of gaming enthusiasts, a character must be “fun,” and that it cannot be boring or bland.

He thanked the fans of the battle royale game and also stated:

“Character creation is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my career and what an opportunity I've had to help develop some that have really resonated with the community [...] Once you have that you can put them in any setting and they'll remain unique and people will recognize and gravitate towards them”

Lifeline and her attributes in Apex Legends


Like the other Legends, Lifeline too has three major abilities that have unique attributes. By combining all three special skills mentioned below, Lifeline is surely a Legend worth choosing in the battle royale game:

Tactical Ability – D.O.C. Heal Drone

Using this ability, Lifeline can call her Drone of Compassion to automatically provide help by healing the wounds of teammates nearby.

Passive Ability – Combat Medic

This skill allows her to activate the Drone of Compassion to help revive her teammates while she goes ahead to fight back against enemies.

Ultimate Ability – Care Package

Lifeline's ultimate ability allows her to summon a drop that will provide top tier defensive gear.

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