Clash of Clans Football Queen skin: Cost, design, and more

Clash of Clans Football Queen skin (Image via Supercell)

The Clash of Clans Football Queen skin is a part of the May 2024 Clash with Haaland event. This Legendary skin is designed to transform the Archer Queen's aesthetic into a footballing star. Her bow and arrow are replaced by a basket of footballs, which she uses to attack her opponents. It will completely change the outlook of the Queen-based strategies within the game.

This article highlights all the details regarding the Clash of Clans Football Queen skin.

Cost of Clash of Clans Football Queen skin

Required cost (Image via Supercell)
Required cost (Image via Supercell)

This skin can be acquired by progressing in the Clash with Haaland Event Tracker and unlocking several rewards, including the esteemed Golden Boots medals. To complete this objective, players must continuously participate in other villages' raids and focus on achieving the 3-star victory using the Barbarian Kicker special event troop. This will boost their Event Tracker progression.

During this event, the Clash of Clans Football Queen skin can be purchased from the Trader's shop by spending 4650 Golden Boot medals.

Design of Clash of Clans Football Queen skin

Aesthetic design (Image via Supercell)
Aesthetic design (Image via Supercell)

In this skin, the Archer Queen features a distinguished design related to the football player. She dons a T-shirt adorned with green and white squares paired with fully green pants. Her hair is neatly tied back, ensuring unimpeded vision for the Queen. She also wears a green metallic crown that symbolizes her regal status on the battlefield.

Her overall aesthetic is complemented by green metallic shin pads and a basket of footballs.

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Animations of Clash of Clans Football Queen skin

Football juggling animation (Image via Supercell)
Football juggling animation (Image via Supercell)

The latest Archer Queen skin features stunning animations that make it more alluring. When wearing the skin, she walks into the village dribbling a football with her feet. When a player taps on her in the village using a finger, she kicks two balls up in the air and balances them with her knees and head before keeping one in the basket and controlling the other with her feet.

In battle, the Football Queen's attacks are as impressive as they are effective. Utilizing her unparalleled kicking abilities, she launches footballs at her targets with pinpoint accuracy. Each shot generates a spark, symbolizing the power of her hits.

Even in defeat, the Football Queen maintains her dignity and resilience. When knocked out in battle, she falls to the ground, clutching her knee in a display of the pain endured during war. However, in moments of recovery, she rises again, taking her place on her altar while tenderly clutching her basket of footballs.

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