Clash of Clans TH15 update: Release date for all platforms

Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans' Town Hall 15 update is live now (Image via Supercell)

The moment every Clash of Clans fan has been waiting for is finally here, as the latest update has finally started rolling out. As speculated in Sportskeeda's previous articles, Supercell unveiled Town Hall 15, alongside several other features for its popular free-to-play strategy game on Monday, October 10, for Android and iOS.

As claimed by Supercell in the release notes, fans can rejoice as Town Hall 15 update will be the most significant change for COC. Apart from the quantity of features, the TH15 update is also the first instance after April 2022 (Spring '22) when Supercell is adding a new Town Hall.

Readers can find out more about the rollout and new significant additions to the game in the following section.

Town Hall 15 update brings tons of new features to Clash of Clans


As mentioned, the Clash of Clans October 2022 update has started rolling out, with most users getting the update. If anyone hasn't received it so far, they can keep refreshing their Google Play Store/Apple App Store to get the new version.

The new update has unveiled the much-awaited Town Hall 15 with its unique Magical theme alongside a blue-and-purple-colored scheme for the building. Fans will have to spend as much as 18 million Gold on upgrading TH15, which will take 15 days to complete.

TH15 will have an HP of 9,600 points, alongside the base capacity to hold two million Gold, two million Elixir, and 20K Dark Elixir in its respective storage units. Like any other previous variants, players can upgrade the facilities and several other buildings.

Here are the other features that gamers might be able to see in the Clash of Clans October update, apart from the new Town Hall addition:

New base defenses


Supercell has introduced two new base defenses along with Town Hall 15 -- Monolith and Spell Tower. The former will be a single-target defensive unit, while the latter will provide the luxury to cast different spells while defending against enemies (Level 1 – Rage Spell, Level 2 – Poison Spell, Level 3 – Invisibility Spell).

New hero pets


Supercell has unveiled as many as four new companions for heroes, which have made their way to the game via the new TH15 update. Here are the pets and how one can unlock them in Clash of Clans:

  • Frosty: Upgrade Pet House to level 5
  • Diggy: Upgrade Pet House to level 6
  • Poison Lizard: Upgrade Pet House to level 7
  • Phoenix: Upgrade Pet House to level 8

New Spell


COC gamers will now be able to unlock a new spell, Recall, beyond TH13. As the name suggests, it helps recall troops, heroes, or pets and use them during an attack on the enemy base. After the battle, the recalled troops will disappear.

New Siege Machine


Supercell has also introduced a new Siege Machine named Battle Drill, which will be available at Siege Workshop Level 7. By using it, one can dwell into the ground to escape detection from the opponents' defenses.

New troop


Electro Titan is the new troop addition in Clash of Clans after the Town Hall 15 update. It has a base HP of 7,200 points, while the Damage Per Second (DPS) and Aura DPS are 180 and 75, respectively.

There are plenty of other adjustments by Supercell in the game that interested readers can find here.

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