Complete details for Outriders Legendary Armor sets for each class

Complete details for Outriders Legendary Armor sets for each class (Image via BenjiSales, Twitter)
Complete details for Outriders Legendary Armor sets for each class (Image via BenjiSales, Twitter)
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Outriders Legendary Armor sets are a huge part of the game, and players should seek these out as soon as possible. While they may be hard to find and collect, the effort will be well rewarded.

Outriders Legendary Armor sets offer great bonuses and buffs that will change the tide of any engagement in-game. These legendary armor sets offer unique passive bonuses and other buffs to players.

These unique Outriders Legendary Armor sets can be obtained for each of the four. And each class has four legendary armor sets, bringing the total to 16 in-game. The developers may add more legendary armor sets with future updates and DLCs.

Although Outriders' Legendary Armor sets being rare to come by, it's not impossible to find and collect these pieces to complete the set for insane buffs.

Here's all the Outriders Legendary Armor sets in-game at present and their bonuses.

Outriders Legendary Armor sets for each class and their buffs

Outriders Legendary Armor set for Technomancer

Grim Inventor: A definite hit with the Pain Launcher will refill 20% of ammo for both the RPG and Minigun while Tool of Destruction is active.

Plague Sower: Gain a five percent damage reduction for five seconds after inflicting the Toxic status on an enemy.

Torrential Downpour: Scrapnel creates additional cluster bombs after an explosion.

Borealis Monarch: Increase weapon damage on frozen enemies by 80%. All party members gain 10% increased critical damage for eight seconds after Cold Snap is activated.

Outriders Legendary Armor set for Devastator

Statue: Using Golem/Tremor doubles the firepower and weapon Skill Leech. The ability affects all party members.

Deathproof: Reduces Boulderdash cooldown by 90%.

Seismic Commander: Enemies with the bleed status receive increased damage of 150%.

Marshal: Endless Mass pulls enemies together and makes them share damage.

Outriders Legendary Armor set for Trickster

Ugake Otarah: When teleporting behind an enemy marked with Venator's knife, Hunt the Prey doesn't consume cooldown.

Trespasser: Players cannot die while inside the Slow Trap.

Chronosuit: Reverting time replenishes ammo in the magazine.

The Edge of Time: Increased damage for Cyclone Slice and Temporal Blade.

Outriders Legendary armor set for Pyromancer

The Acari: Every enemy damaged by Heatwave gives an additional 25% Anomaly Power bonus for 10 seconds.

Lava Lich: Decreases the Eruption cooldown and increases damage.

Torturer: Damaging aura of Volcanic Rounds is tripled in size

Reforged: Feed The Flames damage and Thermal Bomb damage increased by 50%.

Note: Stats and bonuses may be subject to change as per the developers' discretions.

Outriders Legendary Armor sets: How to farm them

The easiest way to acquire these Outriders' Legendary Armor sets is by playing on the highest world tier. When playing on world tier 15, the legendary item drop chance is at +425%, and the loot rarity modifier is at a staggering 500%

Outriders' Legendary Armor sets can also be farmed on side missions, boss fights, and eliminating elite enemies. Once players reach endgame expeditions content, farming these tough missions will be the best possible way to obtain these legendary armor sets.

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