What is the best class in Outriders: A comprehensive guide for all four classes

Image via People Can Fly
Image via People Can Fly
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Several users have already completed Outriders and are going about trying to see which is the best class in the game. New users also have the same question as they are only beginning their new journey.

Outriders provides four different classes: Pyromancer, Trickster, Devastator, and Technomancer.

Below is a look at each class, and this article aims to help players decide which one is the best in Outriders.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

The best class in Outriders


Image via People Can Fly
Image via People Can Fly

The Pyromancer class is best for medium-range fights. And as the name suggests, it deals fire damage. This class can conjure up a fire and cover enemies in flames, and it seems nearly overpowering in-game. Players can incinerate squads of enemies and use them as health as they burn.

One of the first skills players can use is Feed the Flame, which allows users to pull an enemy close to them to then drain their health. Of course, there are a lot more explosive skills in Outriders that practically burn the entire map, killing everything.


Image via People Can Fly
Image via People Can Fly

The Trickster is a bit more difficult to master than the other classes in Outriders. This class is best for close combat and hit-and-run strategies.

The most interesting part of this class is that users can bend space and time and essentially appear out of nowhere to do whatever they want. Similar to others on the list, when an enemy dies close by, players get their health and a small portion of the shield.

When in close combat, the Trickster can freeze enemies for a short moment and even slow them down. Using skills such as Hunt the Prey allows players to teleport anywhere to be offensive and defensive.


Image via People Can Fly
Image via People Can Fly

The Devastator class is the best if players want to operate as a tank. This is a really good class for taking hits and having a pretty large health bar.

Some basic things to note about this class is that it's for close-range combat, acts as a tank, and tends to be good for when players want to stand their ground. It is also good for shielding allies and recovering health from enemies that died close.

One of the earlier skills players can unlock is the Golem skill, which lets users shield themselves against 65% of any incoming damage for eight seconds.

The main thing to remember is that with Devastator, players will be able to stand their ground, have a good chunk of health, and shield their allies.


Image via People Can Fly
Image via People Can Fly

As the name suggests, a Technomancer is a class best suited for being able to support allies and uses gadgets for extra damage.

The Technomancer class is best for long-range fights, ally support, and, again, gadgets. This class can give great damage as it can manipulate several objects to animate them to help allies or kill enemies from wherever. It can also recover a small portion of the damage dealt with enemies.

All in all, this is the support class for Outriders. It’s the only class in which a player can heal others in their squad. For this to be the best class in Outriders, users need to master the class to perfection.

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