How to level up fast in Outriders: A comprehensive level-up guide for all levels

How to level up fast in Outriders: A comprehensive level-up guide
How to level up fast in Outriders: A comprehensive level-up guide
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The recently released RPG game Outriders can be tricky and tedious if players do not know how to level up their character swiftly. Square Enix's latest production features a unique balance of character upgrades and Skill tree development that is essential for leveling up.

Having a comprehensive idea about the Skill Tree as well as all the building gears will help players advance in the game quickly. Popular YouTuber EK1 Gaming has uploaded a guide video that discusses the best tips and tricks to level up in Outriders.

The focus here will be to guide Outriders players with the best tricks to level up swiftly in-game.

How to level-up quickly in Outriders for all characters


Leveling up can be tricky in Outriders if players do not know where to start. Since the game is based on role-playing, most players need a basic idea of all the upgrades and Skill Tree progression.

YouTuber EK1 Gaming mentions that these tips and tricks are for players of every skill level. He claims that following these regularly will help them rank up their character quicker in-game.

#5 - Completing all the Side Quests

Side quests in Outriders are often overlooked as players are mostly engrossed with the main plot. These side quests are optional missions that players can complete in-game to level up their characters.

Side quests like "Take down the creature in the Ancient Ruins" and "Find the Lumberjack" are extremely beneficial for players as it unlocks numerous secrets in-game.

Players can also learn more about the storyline as these quests can be replayed anytime.

The best thing about side quests is the high-tier loot that players can acquire from it. This way, players can get into the story mode quicker after playing side quests.

#4 - Healing and Melee attack combination

Healing and Melee attack combination in Outriders (Image via EK1 Gaming)
Healing and Melee attack combination in Outriders (Image via EK1 Gaming)

Outriders can be a difficult game to engage in close-range fights if the character doesn't have healing ability. EK1 Gaming mentions that players need to equip some kind of healing dynamic with their weapons.

It can be a healing mod for critical damage, or some sort of incoming healing. Having this in the arsenal ensures that players will survive every fight in Outriders.

The melee attack is also important as it can disrupt the enemy for specific classes. Using melee attacks during crucial moments in close-range combat can change the outcome of a fight.

#3 - Combat

Combat in Outriders (Image via EK1 Gaming)
Combat in Outriders (Image via EK1 Gaming)

EK1 Gaming mentioned that combat is the most important aspect of all these tips. Outriders players will have to fight in order to rank up their characters, but it is easier said than done.

Combat in Outriders is a little different from other video games. Here, players have to use every nook and corner of the map to take cover and effectively shoot from a vantage point. Using a "one-shot" rifle can be a good way to progress as it allows players to engage in combat confidently.

#2 - Material collection

Material collection in Outriders (Image via EK1 Gaming)
Material collection in Outriders (Image via EK1 Gaming)

The dynamics in Outriders are based on building a character from scratch. This makes all the materials in-game quite valuable as they directly contribute to the Skill Tree progression.

EK1 Gaming mentioned that players need to collect every item they find. At the same time, players should dismantle all previous weapons, regardless of their rarity. All these items come in handy when players start crafting materials for their characters.

#1 - Challenge yourself

Persistence is the key to win in Outriders (Image via EK1 Gaming)
Persistence is the key to win in Outriders (Image via EK1 Gaming)

Just like any other RPG game, Outriders can become frustrating at some point with all the overpowered NPCs. This might encourage players to try out the campaign mode with the difficulty level reduced. However, the YouTuber has urged players not to try that.

He mentioned that the game is supposed to annoy players, as that is the best time to come up with creative ideas to kill or evade the enemy. The best way to progress in Outriders is to stick to an objective and keep on trying until that is completed.

Dropping down the World Tier level can give players easier opponents to fight against, but that doesn't help with skill growth in any way.

The best way to level up a character would be to play and defeat all the overpowered NPCs present in-game.

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