Outriders endgame guide: Best method to reach Challenge Tier 15 in Expedition

(Image via Twitter)
(Image via Twitter)
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Outriders endgame content Expedition has proven to be difficult for some players.

Released only seven days ago, some players are finding themselves either stuck or just sort of lost in the Outriders endgame. It’s clear that Outrides focuses heavily on its narrative story, but that doesn't necessarily mean the game is truly done when players beat the campaign. Thankfully, once the main story is beaten, Outriders endgame content, Expedition, finally unlocks.

This final mode can be challenging for some, but we’re ready to share the best method to reach tier 15 in the Outriders endgame content.

Outriders Endgame Expedition

The Outriders endgame content, Expedition, has its own set up, as it spans fifteen missions and different Challenge Tiers. However, many players have found that completing the Expeditions mode is much more challenging than the actual story mode. In this mode, the Outriders’ World Tiers don't matter as they are replaced by Challenge Tiers. The more players continue in the game, the more Challenge Tiers and loot begin to unlock. The enemies also get stronger and stronger.

In the Outriders endgame, drop pods are a new resource that can be used by a vendor where legendary gear and other items are available. When higher item levels occur, players need to upgrade their gear.

Players have noticed that from the very beginning, the Challenge Tiers are extremely difficult. This is the case since after every tier, the enemy strength goes up a lot more than in other games. So, if players aren’t upgrading regularly, they are going to lose almost immediately. All stats matter when moving forward with each Challenge Tier.

Priority is always leveling up, so be sure to do that first. Another great way to survive is to raise attributes to max out gear, as it helps with extra firepower. Life leech is typically the best one to use, so try and equip that if possible. If players don’t have the Life leech available for weapons, it’s best to use the Thirst For Blood, which helps increase weapon leech by 40% for 10 seconds. The legendary shotgun Bulwark is probably the absolute best weapon to use in this Outriders endgame content.

(Image via Twitter)
(Image via Twitter)

If players only have one gun with one mod, it’s probably best to just swap it for another higher-level gun. It gives players a better chance at surviving if they swap out. As long as the right attributes are in place, stats won't be much of an issue. Something worth noting is you can check with the vendors every 30 minutes. That's when they reset and have new items. Elite vendors tend to change every 1hr30 in this Outriders endgame mode.

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