CS2 Mirage lineup guide: Best nades, smokes, flashes, and more

CS2 - Mirage (Image via Valve)
CS2 - Mirage (Image via Valve)

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) features notable modifications that have fundamentally altered the core mechanics of CS:GO. These adjustments impact different elements like smoke physics, server tick rates, and, particularly, improvements to maps. In addition to thoroughly understanding every map in the game, success depends on how well you use the in-game tools like smokes and flashes.

Here are some lineups for the best smoke, grenade, and flash locations on CS2's Mirage.

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Everything you need to know in CS2’s Mirage map

Mirage (Image via Valve)
Mirage (Image via Valve)

With their ability to withstand time, touchstone maps like Mirage represent the foundation of Counter-Strike's past, and they are back in CS2. However, they're hardly modified. The changes largely focus on visual improvements and better lighting while maintaining their traditional character.

Map Callouts

There are three distinct callouts in CS2's Mirage: Go A, Go B, or Go Mid. They may all be staged with smokes, flashes, and mollies. In order to win in this map, knowing key smokes and flash lineups will help your team infiltrate A or B sites better and have Mid control.

Mirage’s A-site

CS2 - Mirage A-Site (Image via Valve)
CS2 - Mirage A-Site (Image via Valve)

Smokes: To have better control of the A-site, you must know three important smokes: CT, Stairs, and Jungle.

  • CT: Aim for the tower's projecting beam from the corner of the wall and jump-throw it.
  • Stairs: Aim between the wooden planks, then left-click to toss the smoke to cover A-Site's steps from the steps next to TT's spawn point.
  • Jungle: Finally, to reach the Jungle smoke, keep going up the stairs past the Stairs smoke, turn around, and then left-click throw at the start of the second window.


  • A Exec: Stand by the pillar and aim ¾ up to the left and then throw.
  • Stairs from A ramp: Stand in front of the edge and aim between the gap of the scaffolding, then throw.
  • Top of ticket booth from A Ramp: Stand in the middle of the corner and aim at the stick, then do a jump-throw.
  • A ramp: Stand to the left of the door frame and aim at the top of the lamp, then throw.
  • Dark from Tetris: Stand in a corner, crouch, and aim at the left of the top wood, then throw.

Mirage’s B-Site

CS2 - Mirage B-Site (Image via Valve)
CS2 - Mirage B-Site (Image via Valve)

Smokes: Since B-site is the smaller side, you just need two smokes to cover the market’s entrance and window.

  • Market’s Entrance: The smoke can also be thrown towards the Door from the same spot where it was thrown at the Market's window. Simply move your crosshair to the window on the tower's right-hand side.
  • Market’s window: When you exit the TV room, position yourself in the corner to the right, aim up at the tower, and then jump-throw.


  • B Exec: Stand in the corner, aim at the corner of the bottom border, and do a jump-throw.
  • Bench from Back Alley: Stand at the plank, aim a bit at the right tip of the building, and throw.
  • Right Arch from Back Alley: Stand at the right side of the window, aim between the edge of the stick, and throw.
  • B site from Back Alley: Stand roughly at the line from the pavement, aim at the middle pillar (the lower part of it is fine, too), run, and do a jump-throw.
  • Van from B Apts: Stand roughly on the red couch, aim at the 1/3th of the window by the ledge, then run and throw.

Mirage’s Mid

CS2 - Mirage Mid (Image via Valve)
CS2 - Mirage Mid (Image via Valve)

Smokes: To take control of Mid, there are two smokes to remember: Window and Connector.

  • Window: Move to the left of the trashcan on TT's Spawn, aim at the top right corner of the door, then hit D to move to the right and make a jump-throw.
  • Connector: Crouch to the left of the garbage can, crouch-walk ahead until the crosshair is lined up with the balcony floor, and then leap throw to cover Connector.


  • Mid window from T spawn: Stand in the corner next to the trash can, crouch, aim at the bottom of the door frame, crouch walk, and then do a jump-throw.
  • Bottom connector from Apts Ramp: Stand in the corner, aim at the right bottom tip of the shadow, and do a jump-throw.
  • Top Mid from T Spawn: Stand in the corner of the garbage can, aim at the intersection of the antenna, and throw.
  • Mid from Outside T Apts: Stand at the middle of the wooden pillar, aim at the top left of the splash/dirt above the lamp, and do a jump-throw.
  • Window from Top Mid Boxes: Stand behind the cart, aim at the bottom of the antenna in the middle, and run, then throw.

In terms of throwing flash grenades in CS2’s Mirage, there isn’t a set list of specific flash lineups you should keep in mind. It’s always advised to play with flashes while tossing them directly toward your enemies where they can’t anticipate them. However, that doesn't mean you can't come up with your own lineup, which you think might come in handy during gunfights.

With all that said, these are the current lineups you can utilize in CS2's Mirage. Given the dynamic of first-person shooters, new lineups are bound to be discovered as time passes. In the meantime, you are free to make use of these currently known lineups in the game.

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