David Dobrik pulls off a ridiculous Warzone clutch in his first Twitch stream

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Modified 30 Aug 2020

One of the most popular content creators in the world right now is 24-year-old David Dobrik. After finding early success on video-sharing platform Vine, he achieved superstardom when he made the transition to YouTube.

His immense growth over the past few years has resulted in him having a staggering 18.2 million subscribers on YouTube currently. His popularity has been such, that he recently starred in The Angry Birds Movie 2 and was also labelled 'Gen Z's Jimmy Fallon' by the Wall Street Journal.

Recently, David Dobrik announced that he would be starting his own Twitch channel. During his first stream, he pulled off an unbelievable clutch to emerge victorious in a game of Call of Duty: Warzone:

David Dobrik's exploits in Warzone invited a wide range of reactions from the gaming community, who responded to his miraculous escape.

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David Dobrik's first Twitch stream

David Dobrik's first Twitch stream peaked at around 47K concurrent viewers, as fans flocked to witness the popular vlogger try his hand out at Twitch streaming.

After heading into a game of Call of Duty: Warzone, he exclaims to his teammates:

Guys, we can't f****** losing this because we're gonna look like losers...Dude imagine if we win this, that'd be crazy.

The game progresses with Dobrik expressing how nervous he is, and he jokingly plans to call off the stream once they reach Top 15, which he deems 'pretty good'.

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He goes on to make further hilarious comments such as:

Can somebody throw me a shield? I'm in a pretty sad predicament....Oh I killed him, How'd I kill that guy?

As the game races towards a nerve-wracking finale, David Dobrik manages to pull off a miraculous clutch somehow, as he fires a last-resort RPG shot and ekes out a surprising Warzone Victory.

On realizing that he actually won, he reacts in an expletive-laden, priceless manner:

Oh My God...Oh My God!! Holy f****** shit, get the f*** outta here ..are you f****** kidding me?
What a f****** start, that was f****** bananas! couldn't get better than that one..that was like the coolest thing I could've possibly done!

David Dobrik's first Twitch stream proved to be a winner as he currently has 144K followers, a number which is expected to rise in the coming days substantially.

Twitter had a field day reacting to his ridiculous clutch, as a large section of the online community responded to Dobrik's first Twitch stream and Warzone victory.

Check out some of the reactions below:

However, the tweet which served as the highlight of the day belonged to popular Fortnite streamer LazarBeam, who posted the following hilarious response:

As more and more prominent personalities like David Dobrik make the switch to streaming on Twitch, the streaming space continues to witness unprecedented growth and flourish like never before.

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Published 30 Aug 2020
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