"Not going anywhere anytime soon": Destiny 2 Game Director opens up about 30th Anniversary content

Destiny 2 Anniversary event cover (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Anniversary event cover (Image via Bungie)

After the 30th Anniversary patch launch in Destiny 2 on December 7 last year, players got both free and paid content. Starting from Dares of Eternity to Grasp of Avarice, Guardians get a lot of specific weapons and gear from respective activities. However, the question arises when the community wonders about this event's time limit.

Everyone can agree that the overall grind for the free Dares of Eternity is quite a lot. The game requires players to reach Rank 16 on Xur, which takes at least 100 or more Dares runs. While the time limit was assumed to be a little over three months from the initial release, it still isn't fair considering other contents in the game.

Recently, Destiny 2 Game Director opened up regarding these concerns. Joe Blackburn took to Twitter to answer questions regarding the vaulting of the Anniversary activities.

Destiny 2 Game Director hints at possible retention of 30th Anniversary content after Witch Queen

The 30th Anniversary event has a separate ranking system, much like the vendors at the Tower. The "Strange Favor" ranks can only be achieved via Dares of Eternity completion. However, reaching the max level is quite tricky due to the deficient number of EXP gains per run.

After achieving Rank 16, players can get the catalyst of the newly released exotic Sidearm, Forerunner. But to do that, the grind put forth by Bungie is a bit much for casual players, that too with just three months.

So after questioning whether the Anniversary activities will stay with the community even after the Witch Queen, Bungie said only the following:

"Not going anywhere anytime soon."

While this is not a very clear answer, one can only assume that the contents from December won't be going away with Season 16 and Year 5 expansion. However, with this statement, many have started to wonder about separating free and paid content.

It was only natural to think the entirety of the Anniversary content would be vaulted with Destiny 2 Witch Queen. With both of them being part of the patch, it is currently safe to assume that players will be getting access to both the dungeon and the activity content even after the next expansion.