Destiny 2 increases the difficulty of the easiest Grandmaster Nightfall and players aren't happy

Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows boss (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows boss (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall is known for testing one's patience and endurance in PvE. It is undoubtedly the most formidable challenge in the game and takes a lot of planning and coordination. Sometimes it can break friendships or build new ones among LFGs (Looking for group).

But everything's not all dark and gloomy for the Guardians as rewards await at the end of the road. Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall has been around since the Season of Worthy and is still considered the "endgame of endgames."

Hey! How's your Grandmaster Nightfall going?? ...@AyyItsChevy @IFrostBolt

Naturally, players will look for a way to quickly get around these missions and get the loot as efficiently as possible.

Players unhappy with Lake of Shadows' increased difficulty in Destiny 2

The Lake of Shadows has been around the strike playlist since Destiny 2 Year 1. It is thought to be one of the easiest strikes in the game, given its runtime and an undemanding final boss.

Some players love to run Lake of Shadows multiple times to roll for their desired weapons, while other casual players tend to wait it out until the strike comes in the Nightfall pool. There are various ways to make each encounter easier by getting the right loadouts and fire teams.


However, with the recent Destiny 2 update, Bungie has other plans for speedrunners in particular. The final boss, Grask, has had their health increased by 34%, to a total of 134% of the previous value.

This has been done to balance the boss encounter with the ongoing sandbox alongside other strike bosses.

The exploits involving spawn prevention have also been fixed. Players used to destroy the second and third blights to cheese the run. But with the latest update, it has been patched and enemies will spawn no matter the order in which players destroy the blights.

Honestly I'm not a fan of Bungie making Lake of Shadows harder.What's wrong with having 1 Easy GM in a season?It's a great opportunity to let new players have a chance at some great loot,and it's only available for a very limited time.Not every strike needs to be Glassway.
@A_dmg04 Bad changes to lake of shadow tho'No reason for it... Like Kackis said...…
Hahahaha destiny said HAVE A GOOD HOLIDAY CHUMS with lake of shadow changes 😪
@BungieHelp Lake of Shadows Changes were seriously unwanted. Thanks Bungie, for nothing.i have a small suspicion that you did this to extend the grind for Dawning.
@RickKackis Not a fan of this change. Lake of shadows boss room in particular is terribly designed and boss baking is our escape from having to deal with it. There are good boss arenas in destiny, but this one it’s a mess that buffing the boss doesn’t help.
RIP Lake Of Shadows.It was fun while it lasted. 😔 #Destiny2
Lake of Shadows is about to be harder than the ~10min GM it used to be lol

Following the announcement, most of the Destiny 2 community is displeased with Bungie. Alongside the likes of Corrupted or Proving Grounds, Lake of Shadows was considered a breather that came only twice a month.

To some, the changes "don't make sense," since all Bungie has done is increase the health of the boss and take away certain exploits. Players also claim that the vulnerability one must face during the damage phase is unfair, given the wide-open spaces in the boss room with a lack of cover.

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