Destiny 2 leaks hint at an interesting new development in terms of lore

The upcoming storyline looks rather interesting (Image via Bungie)
The upcoming storyline looks rather interesting (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 is a good example of a modern-day game with an elaborate lore behind its storyline. Starting from the very first installment of the game to the current one, Bungie has made sure that the title's lore is pitch perfect.

With every new season in the game, the storyline progresses further. Given how everything is currently set up in Destiny 2, the upcoming narrative is bound to reveal some interesting details.

What the storyline for Destiny 2 Lightfall will be is purely speculation for now. However, certain leaks have surfaced that shed some light on what is about to happen in the game in the coming months.

What could the storyline look like in the upcoming Destiny 2 expansions?


The Witch Queen expansion saw the death of the Hive God of Trickery. Although she's not completely dead thanks to her Ghost, her whereabouts are currently unknown. Players are already aware that she was protecting the Traveler from the Witness.

Following her disappearance, the Derelict Leviathan anchored close to the Moon, and Eris Morn discovered that the ship was infested with Egregore. Moreover, the Nightmares from the Moon made it onto the ship as well. Later on, it was revealed that Calus had aligned itself to the Witness and was now a Disciple.

The upcoming storyline is expected to pick up from this point on. Calus will be assigned to the Pyramid on the Moon, and will be tasked by the Witness to retrieve an artifact from Neptune. This artifact is considered to be powerful enough to turn the tides in the war between Light and Darkness.


The alien species existing on Neptune will then teach the Guardians how to wield a new form of Darkness, which could potentially be the new subclass that's being so heavily talked about. The Guardian will try to retrieve the artifact as well after acquiring this new power, but the Witness will possibly get their hands on the artifact first.

The Witness will then use this artifact to cause the Traveler to collide with a Pyramid. This collision will open a portal and the Guardian will fall through it. What happens next isn't revealed in the leaks, but it can be assumed that this will end up with the Guardian fighting their way out of the portal and then going up against the Witness.

That said, these are just leaks for now and need to be treated as such. Details about Destiny 2 Lightfall and the storyline will only be made clear during the showcase that's scheduled to happen on August 23. Until then, it's difficult to make any comments about the upcoming storyline or judge the accuracy of these leaks.

However, keeping in mind the way the storyline is progressing right now in the game, whatever is mentioned in the leak does seem to fit in. Even if these leaks are wrong, the upcoming storyline is definitely something worth looking out for in the coming months.

Bungie has rarely disappointed the community when it comes to their game's plot, so it isn't wrong for the community to expect a brilliant storyline going forward in Destiny 2.

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