Destiny 2 streamer stockpiles checkpoints by running simultaneous characters

Checkpoints are really handy when it comes to grinding activities in the game (Image via Bungie)
Checkpoints are really handy when it comes to grinding activities in the game (Image via Bungie)

One particular Destiny 2 streamer known as Lucky Lai has been creating and stockpiling checkpoints for everyone to use in the game. He does this with the help of 11 Stadia accounts.

Checkpoints are a really interesting feature in Destiny 2. Although the game logs activity completions in itself, checkpoints come in handy when running difficult end-game activities like dungeons and raids.

Checkpoints in Destiny 2 are automatically unlocked and are usually created before Guardians get to enter a major encounter. If they die during the course of the encounter, they start off from this checkpoint.

Moreover, if they have to leave the activity, they can start from the checkpoint itself the next time they load the activity. This, however, doesn't last for long as checkpoints in Destiny 2 are reset with each weekly reset in the game.

Since this is such a handy feature in the game, and since the Season of the Haunted is slowly coming to a close, many individuals are looking to farm checkpoints right now.

Destiny 2 streamer holds major checkpoints by using multiple Stadia accounts

This isn't a hack of any sort. It's just a simple technical workaround that the streamer has figured out in the game. Earlier, he used a spare account to hold checkpoints for the game's LFG community. However, once crossplay was introduced, he quickly shifted to Google Stadia.

Following the shift, the streamer can now hold multiple Destiny 2 checkpoints, from a laptop without a GPU to top it off. This, however, doesn't come cheap. Guardians can't access most of the activities in the game if they haven't purchased the expansions. That's where the community stepped in to help out the Guardian who was helping everyone out with the checkpoints in the game.

Lai mentioned he hadn't had to purchase any of the DLCs after the creation of the first five accounts, thanks to the LFG Community. As mentioned before, since the Season of the Haunted is coming to a close, Guardians will be looking to farm major encounters for the loot. Having a checkpoint readily available for activities that can be farmed makes the overall process easier.

Lai uses macros to keep the characters on these eleven different accounts moving, preventing the game from booting them out. Other Guardians can then simply log into the game and join the character specific to the activity they're looking to farm.

Once that's done, all they need to do is wipe, and the checkpoint gets saved for them too. They can then leave the fireteam and start farming that checkpoint on their own.

Till now, he's helped around 14,000 Guardians with such checkpoints, and isn't looking to monetize the service at all. Destiny 2 is a game that requires a lot of grinding, so having these checkpoints makes the climb slightly easier.

Guardians like Lucky Lai showcase examples that the community is filled with players who like to help each other out.

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