Destiny 2 will have infinite ammo for Primary weapons in the next season 

Destiny 2 weapon vendor, Banshee-44 (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 weapon vendor, Banshee-44 (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 and its firearms got a special spotlight in the latest installment of TWAB (This Week at Bungie). Next season will see the introduction of brand new stasis legendary weapons for both Power and the Kinetic slot. However, the most interesting bit of news from Bungie this week has been about the Primary weapon changes coming in Season 15.

Weapons Feature Lead for Destiny 2, Chris Proctor, took to TWAB to discuss their plans for Primary and other exotic weapons. He mentioned:

Running out of Primary ammo has never been tactically interesting.

Aside from this, there have been other adjustments made to compensate for the unlimited supply of Primary ammo. While the Guardians won't be picking up the white bricks anymore, Bungie has also balanced things in a few departments where there will be a slim chance for the weapons to run dry.

Primary ammo and its infinite supply in Destiny 2 Season 15

Other archetypes in Destiny 2, such as breech grenade launchers, have been described as "increasing pain point in PvP," which led to its nerf on radius and impact damage. However, there will be a buff of its total damage inside the PvE.

While stasis weapons were announced by Bungie a long time ago, they made it clear this week that these elemental-type weapons will only be available for the Kinetic and the Power slot. The company avoided releasing any weapons for energy because they didn't want that portion of the inventory to be overcrowded.

Fusion rifle in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)
Fusion rifle in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

Following a paragraph explaining the rework on the perks and VFX in grenade launchers, Proctor wrote this:

We'll be watching Season 15 launch closely and are ready to make some small adjustments needed in the first half of the season.

Furthermore, to compensate for the unlimited supply of Primary ammo, the changes made in Season 15 are:

  • Drop Mag's downsize of reserve ammo reduction is now completely meaningless.
  • Drop Mag will be reworked to +Reload speed and -Magazine size.
  • The compact arrow shaft will be reworked to +Reload and +Handling.
  • Updating of other perks, which refers to reserve modifications
  • All Trials of Osiris weapons in Season 15 will have seven perks in each column instead of 5.

Bungie has further announced that the rule of reissuing a weapon from now on is to remove two perks and introduce two new perks in its place.

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