Details on the upcoming Grandmaster Nightfall strikes in Destiny 2 Season of the Risen

Scarlet Keep strike on the Moon (Image via Bungie)
Scarlet Keep strike on the Moon (Image via Bungie)

Grandmaster Nightfalls are the pinnacle of Destiny 2 endgame activities. Players are put in front of some of the toughest modifiers in the game, all while having their power levels capped to a certain extent. However, completing each Grandmaster grants everyone a chance to get the Adept versions of the Nightfall weapons.

In the upcoming weekly reset on April 5, Scarlet Keep will be in the pool as the first strike to host the endgame variant in Season 16.

In a weekly blog post, TWAB (This Week at Bungie), the company addressed a few things to make the runs clearer for everyone.

Required power levels, Adept weapons, and more in Destiny 2 Season 16 Grandmaster Nightfall

The upcoming week of Destiny 2 Season of the Risen is set to host a lot of new things for players.

As Bungie likes to call it, "A Week for Rituals," Gambit is going to have a labs version in the coming week aside from the Grandmaster nightfall and increased Vanguard ranks. In addition, Trials of Osiris will also get Freelance labs over the weekend.

Whispers have reached Eris Morn.A new threat lurks beneath the Scarlet Keep.

For Grandmaster Nightfalls, however, the following points are a quick rundown of what the toughest PvE activity in Destiny 2 might feel like:

  • Grandmaster Nightfall will require a total power level of 1575. This means that anyone above this power will be pulled back and capped to 1575. Pinnacles farming and earning EXP for artifacts are the best ways to reach this power cap.
  • Combatants inside strikes will take a lot more hits, will be far more aggressive, and will deal more damage to players.
  • Champions will appear in each encounter with more numbers than usual, forcing players and fireteam to be precise with their loadouts.
  • Limited revives, as more can be acquired with each Champion kill.
  • Taking long to finish a Grandmaster Nightfall will lead to Darkness encroaching. This will drain all revive tokens.

Typically, any Guardians doing the Grandmaster Nightfalls for the first time will have the chance to earn the Conqueror seal. For others, now is the perfect time to make their seals even shinier and gilded.

Conqueror seal (Image via Destiny 2)
Conqueror seal (Image via Destiny 2)

Gilding the Conqueror will unlock every Nightfall strike for completion, so Guardians don't have to wait till the end of the season.

Scarlet Keep Grandmaster will reward players with the Adept versions of Palindrome and Plug One alongside Adept mods, Ascendant Shards, and Enhancement Prisms.

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