Diablo 4 guide - All Necromancer Legendary Aspects revealed so far

Necromancers get some truly terrific powers in Diablo 4.
Here are all the known Legendary Aspects for Diablo 4's Necromancer (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

The powerful Necromancer will be one of the character classes in Diablo 4. Masters of Undeath, they were incredibly popular in previous entries in Blizzard’s action-RPG franchise. Now armed with the Book of the Dead, they can command a wide variety of unnatural powers as they also battle the forces of hell.

Like all classes in Diablo 4, Necromancers have access to Legendary Aspects, which allow players to affix certain abilities onto their gear as they explore the world of Sanctuary.

However, to do this, they will have to find these Necromancer Legendary Aspects within the dungeons around the game. Each dungeon in the game has a specific Legendary Aspect as a reward. Unfortunately, it's not yet clear which dungeons will have which aspects, outside of the Fractured Peaks area.

Note: The abilities listed below are the official descriptions for the Legendary Aspects.

Diablo 4’s Necromancer class and all known Legendary Aspects

All Diablo 4 players will find these Legendary Aspects in their Codex of Power, which sort these into categories. All the powers they will find in this list are exclusive to Necromancers, and no other character class can use these.

In Diablo 4, Necromancers can act as summoners, combat spellcasters, and can also deal damage in close-quarters combat across a variety of spells. They will use abilities such as Skeleton Warrior, Corpse Explosion, Bone Spear, Iron Maiden, and Decrepify to battle the forces of Hell.


Many of the abilities will be familiar to Diablo 2 players, but there is a new feature. They can use the Book of the Dead to customize their undead armies, so that they can use their minions in a way that best suits them.

When it comes to their Legendary Aspects, some information is presently available. Here is everything we know right now about these abilities. Some of these Legendary Aspects can be unlocked in the Diably 4 Early Access Beta - although the class won't be playable until next week, when the Open Beta begins.

Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4

  • Aspect of Grasping Veins (Defensive): Enemies stunned by Corpse Tendrils are also made Vulnerable for the duration. If they die while stunned, they have a 15% chance to spawn a Blood Orb (Unknown - Kejistan)
  • Blighted Aspect (Offensive): The Shadowblight Passive deals x15% increased damage against slowed or chilled enemies and x30% increased damage against stunned enemies instead (Unknown - Hawezar)
  • Blood-bathed Aspect (Offensive): Blood Surge’s nova echoes again after a delay, dealing x60% less damage (Hoarfrost Demise - Fractured Peaks)
  • Blood Seeker’s Aspect (Offensive): Blood Lance deals x15% increased damage to its primary target per lanced target (Unknown - Fractured Peaks)
  • Aspect of Bursting Bones (Offensive): When a segment of Bone Prison is destroyed or expired, it deals damage in an area around itself (Unknown - Dry Steppes)
  • Aspect of the Damned (Offensive): You deal x30% increased Shadow Damage to enemies afflicted by both Decrepify and Iron Maiden (Unknown - Kehjistan)
  • Aspect of Empowering Reaper (Offensive): Each target hit along Sever’s path increases the scythe’s damage by x6% up to x30% (Unknown - Scosglen)
  • Aspect of Possessed Blood (Offensive): When you pick up 5 Blood orbs, a free Bone Spirit is spawned, dealing bonus damage based on your current Life percent (Unknown - Dry Steppes)
  • Aspect of Reanimation (Offensive): Your Skeletons gain increased damage while alive, up to x20% after 10 seconds (Unknown - Scotsglen)
  • Sacrificial Aspect (Offensive): Your Sacrifice bonuses are increased by 15% (Unknown - Hawezar)
  • Aspect of Swelling Curse (Offensive): Bone Spirit deals increased damage based on distance traveled, up to x15% (Unknown - Scotsglen)
  • Unyielding Commander’s Aspect (Offensive): While Army of the Dead is active, your Minions gain 70% Attack Speed, and take 90% reduced damage (Unknown - Hawezar)
  • Fastblood Aspect (Resource): Blood Orbs reduce your Ultimate Cooldown by 0.5 seconds (Unknown - Hawezar)
  • Flesh-Rending Aspect (Resource): After Decompose spawns a Corpse, gain 10 Essence (Unknown - Fractured Peaks)
  • Hulking Aspect (Resource): Each time your Golem damages an enemy, its active Cooldown is reduced by 1 second (Unknown - Kehjistan)
  • Aspect of Potent Blood (Resource): While at full Life, Blood Orbs grant 10 Essence (Unknown - Dry Steppes)
  • Requiem Aspect (Resource): You gain 3.0 maximum Essence per active Minion (Unknown - Scosglen)
  • Aspect of Torment (Utility): Critical Strikes with Bone Skills increase your Essence Regeneration by x20% for 4 seconds (Black Asylum - Fractured Peaks)
  • Torturous Aspect (Utility): Enemies afflicted by your Iron Maiden have a 15% chance to be Stunned for 1 second when they deal direct damage (Unknown - Kehjistan)
  • Aspect of the Void (Utility): Blight’s defiled area, when spawned, pulls in enemies around the affected area (Rimescar Cavern - Fractured Peaks)

Each of these powers is focused on particular abilities as well. No matter how players want to play their characters, there’s a way to enhance one of their key abilities.


More of these Legendary Aspects could come to Diablo 4 in the future for Necromancers. As of this writing, this is everything and everywhere they can spawn. We will update this as further information comes to light.

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