Diablo Immortal Paragon guide: Understanding the leveling system in the RPG

What is the Paragon system in Diablo Immortal? (Image via Diablo Immortal)
What is the Paragon system in Diablo Immortal? (Image via Diablo Immortal)

Diablo Immortal has a very intricate Paragon system, implemented towards helping players have an easier time grinding out the end-game content that the RPG has to offer.

After adventurers hit a level cap of 60 in the game, the XP points then gained do not work towards increasing their Experience level further, but are used to level up their Paragon levels and gain access to various skills and attributes.

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The system might seem rather complicated at first, however, players will eventually get used to it, as Paragon Trees, Paragon Levels, and the World Paragon System are a core part of the endgame grind. Paragon levels are also intrinsically linked to Hell levels, which determines the Gear Score of the item drops that players will be able to get their hands on.

Hence, today’s guide will look to make the system simpler for those who are still struggling to wrap their heads around it.

What is the Paragon system in Diablo Immortal?


To understand the Paragon leveling system in the RPG, players will need to first understand three of its basic features:

  • Paragon Levels
  • Paragon Trees
  • World Paragon System

1) Paragon Levels


When players hit a new Paragon level, they will be rewarded with a Paragon Point, which in turn can be spent on the Paragon tree to gain more bonus attributes as well as unlock Specialization skills and Persistent Attributes.

It’s important to note here that Paragon Points gained by a particular character can only be used by that character, it’s not transferable between characters even if they are on the same player's account.

2) Paragon Trees


For now, Diablo Immortal has six different Paragon Trees with the developers looking to add more down the line. The trees will be unlocked as soon as players hit their first Paragon Level, and will contain nodes that will have specific skill bonuses and buffs that players can pick based on their gameplay preference.

Adventurers will need to invest 100 Paragon Points in a single Paragon Three to be able to make the most of the system. As they level further, more trees will be made available to them. The six Paragon Levels in the game are:

  • Survivor: Unlocked at Paragon Level 1
  • Vanquisher: Unlocked at Paragon Level 1
  • Treasure Hunter: Unlocked at Paragon Level 50
  • Gladiator: Unlocked at Paragon level 100
  • Soldier: Unlocked at Paragon Level 150
  • Mastermind: Unlocked at Paragon level 150

The Paragon Trees themselves are further bifurcated into two nodes, which are:

  • Specialization Skills: The square-shaped nodes which are only applied when their respective Paragon Tree is active.
  • Persistent Attributes: The circle nodes that can be applied regardless of whether that three is active or note.

Only one of the six Paragon Trees can be made active by Diablo Immortal players at a given time, hence allowing them to be more versatile with their approach to the various situations in the game.

Moreover, players must also keep in mind that once they invest a Paragon Point in a Tree, it is permanent. Hence, it is important that adventurers chart out the nodes that they want to invest in before hands beforehand.

3) Paragon World System


The Paragon World System in Diablo Immortal is primarily tailored for casual players who do not get much time to spend grinding the RPG. The system allows players to catch up, so that they are not left too far behind.

Every Diablo Immortal server has its own World Paragon Level, which goes up by two every day. Casual players will be eligible to earn bonus XP, depending on how far below their Paragon Level is compared to the World Paragon level.

If one’s Paragon Level is that of the World’s then the deficit will force them to gain 25% less XP from missions. On the other hand, if the Paragon Level is below that of the server then the player will receive double the XP.

If the levels are the same, then the XP gain will be standard.

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