Disguised Toast asks Conan O'Brien to play Among Us with him, and fans are all for it

Is a Disguised Toast x Conan O'Brien Among Us stream on its way? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Is a Disguised Toast x Conan O'Brien Among Us stream on its way? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Popular streamer Jeremy Wang, aka Disguised Toast, wants to play Among Us with Conan O'Brien.

In what appears to have the makings of a dream crossover, Disguised Toast recently sent out a tweet directed towards the late-night talk-show host:

In the tweet, Disguised Toast shared a memorable throwback picture from TwitchCon 2017, where he met Conan O'Brien in person.

In his caption, he cheekily highlighted how it had been a few years since they last spoke and officially issued an Among Us invite to the renowned talk-show host.

Within moments of his posting, fans across the globe had a collective meltdown as they began to demand a Disguised Toast x Conan O'Brien Among Us stream.

Fans demand a Disguised Toast x Conan O'Brien Among Us crossover stream


Ever since Disguised Toast met Conan O'Brien during the Oktoberbrawl Hearthstone Tournament at Twitchcon back in 2017, his fans have often petitioned for the duo to collaborate.

During their meeting, Conan famously labeled Disguised Toast as "the best gamer name" he had ever heard.

Since then, Disguised Toast has moved on from his Hearthstone days to the world of Facebook Gaming, where he is currently one of the biggest names.

Back in February this year, Disguised Toast created quite a stir among fans when he mentioned Conan O'Brien on stream. It so happened that one of his viewers informed him that the popular host's son plays Among Us.

In response to this, Disguised Toast famously replied:

"Conan O'Brien's son plays Among Us. Well, maybe I can play with him and his son"

A month-and-a-half later, his aforementioned statement seems to finally be coming to fruition, with his recent tweet officially initiating the process to get Conan on board for a dream Among Us crossover.

Here are some of the reactions online, as excited fans gushed at the possibility of a Disguised Toast x Conan O'Brien stream:

Interestingly, Disguised Toast's tweet comes in the aftermath of Jimmy Fallon officially announcing his Twitch debut alongside Corpse Husband, Sykkuno and Valkyrae.

Most fans were disappointed upon seeing Disguised Toast's name being left out of Fallon's stream. The Taiwanese-Canadian streamer and the aforementioned trio are commonly referred to as the Among Us "Amigops" by fans.

However, Disguised Toast doesn't seem to be too perturbed by this recent snub, as evidenced by his hilarious reply to Valkyrae:

As fans continue to demand a Disguised Toast x Conan O'Brien Among Us stream, all eyes are now on the talk-show host as a response to the invite is eagerly awaited.

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