Disguised Toast explains how people should kickstart their livestreaming career on Twitch

Disguised Toast explains the optimal path to becoming a livestreamer on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
Disguised Toast explains the optimal path to becoming a livestreamer on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)

During a recent livestream, Twitch streamer Jeremy "Disguised Toast" provided his take on how people should kickstart their livestreaming careers on Twitch.

As he played the life simulator game Dinkum with other internet personalities, Disguised Toast stated that people should not expect to begin a streaming career simply by "pressing the streaming button." Instead, they should focus on establishing a presence on other media platforms or become exceptionally skilled at a specific game.

Disguised Toast talks about how to kickstart a livestreaming career on Twitch and takes a dig at Ninja

After extending his stay in Tokyo, Japan, Jeremy finally returned to America and got together with other content creators to host a gaming stream.

As he was busy farming his way and building the perfect island in Dinkum, the OfflineTV member explained how people should start off with their streaming career on Twitch and said:

"Your streaming career will never ever start with you pressing the stream button. Ever! I promise you, your streaming career will not start with you pressing the stream button."

Following a few seconds of silence, Jeremy took a sarcastic dig against Tyler "Ninja's" streaming masterclass.

For some context, on July 31, YouTuber Drew Gooden enrolled himself and reviewed the Fortnite sensation's guide to becoming a streamer, and the former went on to brutally roast the latter's masterclass by saying that "it had ruined his life."


Toast referred to the same guide and claimed that Ninja was "lying." He said:

"I know you paid 200 bucks for Ninja to tell you that, he's lying to you. Ninja is a liar!"

Moving past the ironic comments, Jeremy mentioned the ideal path for an individual to become a Twitch streamer.

He stated that budding streamers should either start channels on video-sharing platforms like YouTube or TikTok or they should be "really good" at a game of their liking:

"Your streaming career starts with either you starting a YouTube channel, you starting a TikTok channel, or you being really good at a game of your choosing."

The conversation on the topic came to a close when Jeremy mentioned:

"Once you are good at either of those things and what you want is fine, then you can start streaming."

Fans react to Disguised Toast's guide to becoming a streamer on Twitch

Some fans present on the streamer subreddit r/LivestreamFail suggested that people can still find a way to become a livestreamer by stream sniping big-named content creators:

Others stated that they've noticed plenty of DJs on Twitch who are rapidly growing with thousands of followers every month, with some nearing the 1,000 subscriber mark:

Disguised Toast started streaming on the Amazon-owned platform back in 2016 and quickly rose to popularity due to his extensive knowledge and gameplay mastery of Hearthstone. He has streamed the deck-building game for more than 3,800 hours on his channel.