"It ruined my life"- YouTuber Drew Gooden brutally roasts Ninja’s How to be a Streamer masterclass

YouTuber Drew Gooden brutally roasts Tyler Blevin's masterclass (Image via Sportskeeda)
YouTuber Drew Gooden brutally roasts Tyler Blevin's masterclass (Image via Sportskeeda)

Renowned YouTuber Drew Gooden berated Ninja's 'How to be a streamer' masterclass workshop in his most recent video. The latter delved into the streaming landscape after attending Ninja's masterclass for 30 days, but didn't deem the results worthy of the price.

In March 2022, Fortnite legend Tyler "Ninja" launched his very own masterclass workshop, which is available to everyone for $180 USD per year.

However, taking matters into his own hands, Drew Gooden decided to put the 30-day course to the ultimate test. In his recent video titled "I took Ninja’s MasterClass and it ruined my life," Gooden quickly began to question whether the workshop was worth the exorbitant amount.

Drew Gooden roasts Ninja's classes after taking his 30-day masterclass workshop


Taking the matter into his own hands, Drew Gooden joined Ninja's mastercourse to test out its credibility. On July 30, 2022, the former uploaded a video to his channel titled "I took Ninja’s MasterClass and it ruined my life", in which he can be seen providing his take on the workshop.

In the first half of the YouTube video, Gooden can be seen poking fun at the 30-day course that promises to help beginners build up their streaming careers from scratch.

Ironically poking fun at the glossary (the first essential item students receive before starting the actual classes), he lamented:

"One of the first things he gives you at the start of the class is a PDF document with all sorts of gaming and streaming lingo. I cannot overstate how helpful this glossary is. There are some extremely advanced terms on here... things like keyboard, YouTube, mouse. Apparently, that's the thing that you click with, but I don't know, I am still new to this. "

Pointing out its exorbitant entry fees, Gooden criticized the course, deeming it underwhelming. Continuing his trail of thoughts, he further added:

"But I can't help but laugh whenever he says something like this "You only need one monitor. If you can afford more than one, then that is definitely recommended, but if you can't afford a second monitor." Because I made you spent the cost of one in this class."

Moving onto the second half of the video, Gooden pinpointed how some aspects of the class were more inclined towards the Fortnite streamer's greatest accomplishments in the gaming field. He further argued how most of these accolades are almost impossible to attain for someone who is fairly new to the streaming industry.

On the bright side, however, Gooden felt that the course was overloaded with useful information regarding setup, equipment and other technical aspects of the streaming industry.

The YouTuber concluded by presenting his own take on building a streaming career. He espoused that the best way to learn and grow in the streaming industry is by assessing how other streamers interact and work with their audience:

"Even if you are the world's biggest Ninja fan, I promise you, you have lots of Ninja content to watch, He is probably streaming right now. And if you wanna know how he streams, pay attention to what he does and take notes, that's it. He is good at his job, he's been doing this for a long time. I think an aspiring streaming can learn a lot just from watching him. "

Social media reacts to Drew Gooden's rant

As expected, Gooden's rant evoked a wave of responses from viewers. Whilst defending Ninja and his work at the masterclass workshop, many also discussed Drew's efforts to make the test successful and complimented his blue hair.

One user even pointed out the terrible Twitch algorithm for new creators and how difficult it is for aspiring streamers to build their subscriber count.

Garnering immense attention, the video has currently crossed over 2.3 million views. Here's what fans had to say:

Fans reaction (Image via Drew Gooden/YouTube)
Fans reaction (Image via Drew Gooden/YouTube)
Fans reaction (Image via Drew Gooden/YouTube)
Fans reaction (Image via Drew Gooden/YouTube)

Ninja launches his 30-day masterclass on "How to become a streamer"

Fortnite sensation Ninja launched his very own masterclass back in March 2022 that majorly focused on becoming a successful streamer in just 30 days. The paid course focuses on what budding streamers and content creators can do to build their viewership count and have the audience follow their work on major streaming platforms.


The course also focuses on the technical side of streaming that most beginners struggle with, including tips and tricks on creating an optimized PC and recording setups.

Arriving to much fanfare, the announcement video went viral on YouTube, racking up over 474k views. Several viewers chimed in to congratulate the Twitch phenomenon on his new venture and wished him luck for his upcoming classes.

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