Disney Dreamlight Valley guide: How to complete The Mysterious Wreck quest and get to Ariel

The Mysterious Wreck is a vital quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)
The Mysterious Wreck is a vital quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently one of the most popular games, with a beautifully crafted world set in the rich environment of the Disney universe. Players are thrust into a world that is too good to be true, filled with famous characters whose fate resides in their hands.

In the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will be given various tasks like cooking, mining, crafting, and gardening, to name a few. Another activity that they will be engaged in is foraging, wherein they are required to collect raw materials such as wood, stone, coal, and various ingredients that are required for making meals, creating new structures, and quests.

One such important quest that players might come across is “The Mysterious Wreck.” It is available after unlocking Dazzle Beach and finding a paddle located on a small island in the area. This guide takes you through the steps to complete this quest, which requires getting a hold of a variety of resources from across Disney Dreamlight Valley. Read on to find out more.

A step-by-step guide to completing The Mysterious Wreck in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Once you gain access to Dazzle Beach, you can head over to a small island in the southeast corner of the map. Here, you can pick up a paddle in the sand next to a wrecked raft, which will start the quest. Follow the next steps to continue this task.

Step 1: Take the paddle to Goofy and talk to him about the raft.

Step 2: He will ask you to gather some materials to repair the raft. You will need:

  • 30 Hardwood
  • 7 Rope
  • 25 Clay
  • 10 Iron Ingots

Step 3: Below are listed some quick ways to gather these materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Glade of Trust is one of the best places to collect all the materials for the quest (Image via Gameloft)
The Glade of Trust is one of the best places to collect all the materials for the quest (Image via Gameloft)
  • Hardwood: It can be gathered from the ground, similar to softwood. Although hardwood is only found in woody areas. The Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor are great locations to collect hardwood in, and these can be unlocked using 3k and 5k Dreamlight respectively (if you haven’t already).
  • Rope: It is a bit tricky to get, as you will need to craft it using fiber, which in turn is best collected via crafting from seaweed. The latter is easy enough to come by though, as any sort of fishing (away from ripples) in the water will grant you some seaweed. One of these can make five fibers and eight fibers can make one rope. So, you'd better collect around 12 seaweed at least.
  • Clay: It can be found in three biomes of Disney Dreamlight Valley: Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, and Forgotten Lands. You’ll need 7k and 15k Dreamlight to unlock Sunlit Plateau and Forgotten Lands. Although, it is enough if you have any of these three biomes unlocked. To collect clay, simply use your Royal pickaxe to dig the ground, which will net you some intermittently. The drop rate isn’t that bad and is similar to soil.
  • Iron Ingot: It can be crafted using Iron Ore, which can be found in nearly all biomes excluding Peaceful Meadow and Dazzle Beach (the Plaza is not technically a biome). The best place to farm them is in the Glade of Trust or Forest of Valor since these locations have most of what this quest requires. You can craft an Iron Ingot using five Iron Ore and one Coal Ore (you should have an abundance of it). You’ll need 10 of these, so make sure to collect at least 50 Iron Ore.

Step 4: With all of these collected, head over to Goofy, and he’ll ask you to craft a Raft Repair Kit.

Step 5: Once you have it ready, speak to him once more and lead him down to the raft.

Step 6: Interact with the raft to fix it. Speak to Goofy to finish the quest

This will now unlock The Loney Island quest, where you can find Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Head over to this guide to find out how to get her to go live in your valley and unlock her friendship quests.

That's all one needs to do to complete The Mysterious Wreck quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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