Disney Dreamlight Valley puzzle guide: How to solve the cave puzzle in Dazzle Beach and free Ursula

Completing the Dazzle Beach cave puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and freeing Ursula (Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley)
Completing the Dazzle Beach cave puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and freeing Ursula (Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley)

Puzzles are one of the core and most interesting gameplay features in Gameloft’s Disney Dreamlight Valley. They are incredibly fun to solve, and each puzzle in the life simulator has a different approach that players will take to solve them.

While some puzzles are quite easy to decipher and complete, there are a few that are quite tricky and will require a fair bit of investment from the player’s end to complete them.

The Dazzle Beach puzzle is one such which is not something that can be all too easily completed. When players first make their way to Dazzle Beach, they will be met by Ursula, the sea witch, and they will be tasked with freeing her from the cave wherein she is entrapped.

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The cave is located by the three which is right by the entrance to the beach and is closest to the Plaza. Upon entering, they will be met with several puzzles that they will be required to complete before they can obtain the orb that will free Ursula.

Today’s guide will therefore go over how players will be able to complete the Dazzle Beach cave puzzle and free Ursula from her entrapment in Disney Deamlight Valley.

Completing the Dazzle Beach cave puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and freeing Ursula


There are three tasks in particular that players will be required to complete to solve the Dazzle Beach cave puzzles in Disney Dreamlight Valley in order to free Ursula.

1) Solving the first hint

The first hint that Disney Dreamlight Valley players will receive for the initial puzzle will be,“Provide the gem that matches best to continue on your hero’s quest.”

To complete it, one will need to find Gems that match the color of the statues present in the cave. There are three respective colors, red, blue, and green. The gems can be found in areas that players have already unlocked. Each of the gems is in Dazzle Beach, Peaceful Meadow, and the Plaza.

The Aquamarine will be found in Dazzle Beach, the Peridot in the Peaceful Meadow, and the Garney in the Plaza. After acquiring them, players will be required to return to the statues to complete the first riddle.

2) Solving the second hint

The second hint for the puzzle that the cave will offer players is as follows:

“Discover the right crops to grow to continue on below. One is underground, the other gold and brown. What remains is red and round.”

To complete this, Disney Dreamlight Valley fans will be required to plant crops that match the provided hint. The plants that players will need to dig and sow are wheat, tomatoes, and carrots, and the gate to the next area will open only when these plants have sprouted.


If players get one of the plants wrong, then they can always pull out the crops and dig in front of the statute to reset the puzzle.

3) Solving the third hint

The third hint reads:

“The final riddle, let it be known: to cook and eat what you have grown.”

The third task is simpler than the other two, and players will not have to travel around the open world in order to complete it. This puzzle will task players to use the crops that they have planted to cook a meal after they have grown.

There will be a cooking pot by the gate, and fans will be required to make a Veggie Pasta, one of the easier recipes to discover in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After the dish is done, players will need to eat it, after which the final gate will open.


The final gate will lead to the very bottom of the cave, where players will be required to fish out the orb, after which they will go back to the surface and place it in the pillar to complete the quest.

The Orb will then free Ursula when presented to her, and she will then become a character that players will be able to make friends with within Disney Dreamlight Valley

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