Disney Dreamlight Valley guide: How to obtain Gold Ingots

Different biomes have different resources in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)
Different biomes have different resources in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)

Players will come across a variety of resources that will help them cook, craft, and complete quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Just like in real life, Gold is a valuable substance in the game. It takes a while for Gold to be obtainable, but once it is, players will have the chance to utilize it or make some extra Star Coins by selling it.


There are only three biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley that can assist with creating Gold Ingots. This is because they must be crafted with Gold Nuggets and Coal Ore.

How to get Gold Nuggets in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The early game will not allow players to access the biomes needed for Gold Nuggets. The following locations in the Valley are where the Nuggets can be obtained and how much it costs to get there:

  • Sunlit Plateau: Costs 7,000 Dreamlight to open
  • Frozen Heights: Costs 10,000 Dreamlight to Open
  • Forgotten Lands: Costs 15,000 Dreamlight to open

Sunlit Plateau is the cheapest of the bunch and can be opened at the earliest. The latter two biomes require other locations to be opened first before Dreamlight can be spent on opening them.

Any of these areas will provide a chance at Gold Nuggets. They can be found by breaking open Rock Spots along various cliffsides like any other Ore or Gem in the game.

Just swing the pickaxe at them to break them. Bring another character along who has been assigned the Mining task and they will be able to help players farm Gold Nuggets even further.

How to get Coal Ore in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Coal Ore is one of the most common resources in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It can be found in every biome and players will more than likely have way too many in their inventory.

It can be obtained the same way that Gold Nuggets can be - from its respective biomes. Just smack the pickaxe into rock formations alongside cliffs to try for Coal Ore.

If a Gem or specific type of Ingot does not pop out, Coal Ore will appear the majority of the type. Several can be gained through one rock formation, so farm away all over the Valley.

How to craft Gold Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A crafting station can be found in Scrooge McDuck's store (Image via Gameloft)
A crafting station can be found in Scrooge McDuck's store (Image via Gameloft)

There's no special furnace station or anything of the sort to craft Gold Ingots. Players simply need to take the required materials to a basic crafting station and Gold Ingots can be made.

There aren't too many resources needed to make Gold Ingots. Here are those:

  • 1x Coal Ore
  • 5x Gold Nuggets

Gold Ingots can fetch a decent price at Goofy's Stalls or be used for many quests throughout the game. Specifically, Ariel's quests require a handful of them, so it is a good idea to save them if she hasn't been unlocked yet.

Otherwise, use them to upgrade the home, get some Star Coins, or hand them off to the in-game neighbors as gifts. This can raise Friendship levels and provide various items and cosmetics as rewards.

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