Disney Dreamlight Valley guide: How to unlock Minnie Mouse

Disney Dreamlight Valley wouldn
Disney Dreamlight Valley wouldn't feel the same without Minnie Mouse (Image via Gameloft)

Throughout the opening portion of Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will hear a lot about Minnie Mouse but never actually see her.

Mickey Mouse will often mention how he wishes Minnie was in the Village and how he misses her dearly. For a while, it doesn't seem like there is anything that can be done about it.


Thankfully, players can add Minnie to their Village and prevent Mickey from feeling down any longer. It will take a while, but completing a load of quests will see her call the Village home like many others.

Minnie is one of the last characters unlocked in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Minnie will first appear as a specter-like entity in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)
Minnie will first appear as a specter-like entity in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)

Without knowing or grinding through the quests, Minnie could very well be one of the last characters unlocked in Disney Dreamlight Valley. She gets mentioned right away, but players won't be able to interact with her for a solid chunk of time.

As players progress and befriend Mickey, more and more information will come to light about Minnie's lack of appearance. It turns out that completing quests for Mickey and raising his Friendship is the key to unlocking Minnie.

Here's everything that needs to be done to get Minnie in the Village of Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Speak to Mickey daily to complete Daily Discussions.
  • Bring Mickey gifts.
  • Take pictures with Mickey.
  • Go on various quests where he requires items to be collected, characters to be spoken to, or parcels to be distributed.
  • Do some of these tasks with the likes of Goofy and Merlin, as higher Friendship levels with those characters are needed to access some of Mickey's quests.
  • Recover all of the Memories that appear during or after some of Mickey's quests to move things along.
  • Each quest in Mickey's Friendship line will help Minnie appear as a blue-ish apparition that wanders around the Village.
  • The final one to help find Minnie is called Memory Magnification, so when players reach it, they know they are close to unlocking Minnie.
  • Memory Magnification requires players to find one Emerald and two Hardwood as well as craft six Tinkering Parts. This will allow them to create the Dreamlight Magnifier.
  • Talk to Mickey after making the device, and he will help find Minnie in the Village.
  • Talk to Minnie before using the Dreamlight Magnifier on her. This will see her appear where her apparition is standing.
  • Speak to Mickey once more to end the quest. The player's Dreamlight powers can be used to build Minnie's home and see her fully unlocked and living in the Village.

Unfortunately, there aren't many specifics about the quests and how to progress until the final Memory Magnification objectives. Players will just have to keep talking to Mickey until he gives them stuff to do to help the Friendship level rise.

Once Minnie is unlocked, players can begin her Friendship quests. The best items that can be gifted to her are Cherry Pies, Black Passion Lillies, and Gooseberries.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players will earn various Minnie Mouse-themed rewards as they climb through her Friendship levels. Expect a matching dress, a headband with ears, a couch, a bed, and several design motifs.

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