Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to level up friendship fast

Finally, become best friends with Goofy (Image via Gameloft)
Players can become friends with iconic Disney characters (Image via Gameloft)

Disney Dreamlight Valley takes all of the charming life simulator gameplay that fans enjoy in Animal Crossing and brings it to the vibrant world of Disney. Everyone's favorite unacceptably large corporate entertainment empire can now be explored through the mediums of fishing, tending to a farm, and befriending everyone who passes by.

Players who jump into this game will likely meet their favorite classic cartoon character and may want to hang out with them. Luckily, the game has a friendship system that encourages players to get close to their favorite characters. Every Disney mainstay can be befriended, but it will take some time and effort to do so.

Raising friendship levels fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley encourages players to spend their time wisely and befriending iconic characters like Donald Duck or Stitch is certainly a great use of one's time. Players will need to consistently connect with their chosen friend, bearing in mind that they'll have to log in often to do so.

Generally, players can only perform a friendship-building action twice in a real-life day. The game runs off of a real clock based on the player's timezone, so players will be on this friendship quest for many real days.

Here are a few simple things that players must do to befriend a Disney character:

Talk to them


Having conversations with the desired character is always the first step. Players will need to approach the character and select the "Talk to them" option from the drop-down menu. This will slightly increase one's friendship level with them and provide a small experience reward.

Get used to learning the locations of different characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Use the minimap and set waypoints to mark their homes, and learn what times they're usually out and about. It will be tough to speak to certain characters if they can't be located.

Give them gifts


Just like in Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley, players are able to give items to characters as gifts. Different characters prefer different presents, so learning what that character likes will be very beneficial.

Thankfully, characters will simply ask for their favorite items, which players can then give them for a hefty friendship level boost. This is currently the fastest way to increase friendship levels, but it is limited in nature.

Players can only give a character three of their favorite items per day. After that, they'll only receive the generic reward they'd get for any other normal gift. Whenever possible, make sure to use this favored gift system.

Bring them on journeys


Interestingly, Disney Dreamlight Valley isn't all farming and chatting, as there's also a quest system. Players can choose to invite characters that they'd like to hang out with on their adventures to spend some quality time together.

To do this, simply invite the character to "Hang out with you" and head off for the day's adventures. Different characters will be helpful in different tasks, so take advantage of that fact to gain some extra items and rewards.

Complete their quests

Once the player has established a decent friendship level with a character in Disney Dreamlight Valley, their quests will become available. By completing their tasks, their relationship can be taken to the next level and they can become even better friends.

Once a Disney Dreamlight Valley player has picked their chosen friend, just chat with them, give them gifts, bring them on quests, and complete their tasks. After all of that, their friendship levels should be high and players will get to reap the rewards.

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