Disney Dreamlight Valley beginners guide: 10 tips to get you started in latest life sim

Disney Dreamlight Valley Game Art
The brand new life sim Disney Dreamlight Valley has a bunch of features players should know before they begin (Image via Disney)

The latest life simulator Disney Dreamlight Valley was released on several platforms like Xbox, Switch, PC, and PlayStation earlier this week. The new game promises players a vast open world experience in a forgotten world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, where they will listen to stories about the land and restore the magic as they go.

As the game's island is vast and comprises a bunch of classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Moana, Donald Duck, and up to Wall-E, it contains unique quests for players to complete their place on the mainland and below the land in the deep seas.

The quests reward players with resources they can use in their journey across Disney Dreamlight Valley to restore the magic and increase their level. While these quests are exciting and full of interesting challenges, sometimes, they can get a little overwhelming and leave new players confused about where to begin.

From creating your avatar to using the best of the game's features, here are the ten tips to get started in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Tips to get started in Disney Dreamlight Valley

1) Focus on getting the Royal Tools


Several royal tools in the game help players plant seeds, dig holes, and mine in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After players load up the game and speak to Merlin, they will need to find these tools to unlock new areas on the map and progress in the game. Here's where you can find each of those tools:

  • The watering can: Behind some barrels next to the player's house
  • The shovel: Stuck in the ground next to the central plaza near a large, old restaurant
  • The pickaxe: Found in the southeastern section of the plaza and is stuck in a large rock
  • The fishing rod: Found in the meadows near a pond after players unlock that area using the pickaxe. After they find it, they need to take it to Goofy, who will provide them with the actual royal fishing rod.

2) Experiment with ingredients to discover new recipes


Food is an essential part of any life sim game as it fills the health and stamina bar of the characters in that particular game. Disney Dreamlight Valley ignites the passion of cooking in players with the help of Remy from Ratatouille. He helps them to cook delicious food items with the ingredients they have farmed so far and also discovers new recipes in the game with new ingredients.

Players can chuck a few ingredients in any cooking pot and start cooking. Every time they use a new ingredient, they can stumble upon a new recipe to add to the game's collection of over 100 different dishes to choose from.

3) Be Mindful of the Time


Players should keep track of time, as the time in Disney Dreamlight Valley will be the same as the time on their computer. For instance, if it's midnight where the player is playing it, it will also be midnight in the game's world. While some places like Goofy's Stall are open 24 hrs, some shops are mostly shut, so players won't be able to access them during that time.

Some characters like Merlin appear to stay up all night as well. But different characters have different routines. For example, Remy will eventually go to bed, and if players try to talk to him at this house during the night, the game will say he’s asleep.

4) Be social with neighbors


Making friends and socializing with neighbors is one of the core elements of Disney Dreamlight Valley that players must engage in. The friends the players make in-game help them in various ways, completing quests and unlocking new quests for bonus rewards.

For instance, if players befriend Remy, he might help them unlock new recipes and can increase their friendship level to anywhere between 1 - 10. The best way to be social with others is to make small talk with everyone each day, bring them gifts, and ask them to "hang out."

5) Check the in-game mailbox

📫Check Your Mail📫We're sending each Valley Villager 25 shiny new Dream Shards! Just make sure you're set to online to collect.Use them wisely! Shards are essential for finishing certain quests, so we recommend holding onto spares instead of converting them to Dreamlight ✨

Players should keep a lookout on their mailbox in the game to claim bonus rewards. Since the game has just been released, players have a higher chance of getting free promotional rewards dispatched directly by the developers.

The mailbox can be found outside the player's house. This is an exciting feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as players experience the game's mailbox in a physical form rather than navigating it in the menu and having the same old interface.

6) Check the Collection Tab for helpful info

There are several items players can unlock upon seeing the collections tab (Image via Disney)
There are several items players can unlock upon seeing the collections tab (Image via Disney)

When players open the Pause menu in Disney Dreamlight Valley, they will notice the collections tab, a glossary of all items that can be unlocked. This also helps players with the info on every possible item they can get in the game and how much they already own.

Everything can be found in the collections tab, from the location of the critters to the ingredients required for a delicious recipe. It acts like the game's wiki; lots of useful information can be found here.

7) Save coins for upgrading the inventory bag


While exploring the land of Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can come across several items that they want to store in their backpacks. However, the backpack has an upper limit, which means it can only hold a certain amount of items, and players won't be able to store more items until they upgrade it.

The first bag upgrade can be expensive as it costs around 5,000 coins, which can quickly be earned back in no time. While there are various attractive items in the game that players want to spend money on, they should save them and upgrade their bag first so they never run out of space.

8) Use the map to find characters and set waypoints

The map of Disney Dreamlight Valley shows its characters and POIs (Image via Disney)
The map of Disney Dreamlight Valley shows its characters and POIs (Image via Disney)

The game's map is by far the most detailed feature that can help players if they get lost. From the location of characters and stalls to finding specific items in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the map shows players everything they need in a compact interface that is pretty easy to use.

Moreover, in case of players get lost in the beauty of the valley, they can always set a waypoint to their destination that can help them move around quickly and reach the location they wish to.

9) Start growing plants early on


When players start in Disney Dreamlight Valley and enter the valley, they first need to plant seeds in their garden to grow flowers and vegetables that can help them cook food. Using a shovel that players can get early on, they can dig up a small garden outside their home or surrounding locations and start planting all those carrot seeds they probably have.

Having a load of food will help later as they are needed for quests or meals. Moreover, flowers add a nice touch to the overall look of the home the players live in and are often used to make friends.

10) Unlock Remy first


When players load up in Disney Dreamlight Valley and head towards the castle, they will have the option to unlock between Moana, Wall-E, and Remy. While they can pick the character they like best, Remy will immediately teach them new recipes that can net them good money.

Additionally, it can also unlock a new facility on the island. As discussed earlier, food plays an important part in the game, unlocking Remy will give players that firsthand advantage in eating delicious food items that he can help them cook.

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