Disney Dreamlight Valley guide: Increasing Storage - more space for your junk

Your home is where you store stuff in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)
Your home is where you store stuff in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-simulation game that lets you access a house of your own (of sorts), where you can spend your time, set it up with various decorations, and fill it with your furniture. Not surprisingly, you’ll want it to reflect your inner self, no matter how discretely.

However, one of the secondary purposes of your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to store all your items when you can’t carry them around with you. Whether you like to organize stuff or you’re simply hoarding too much, you’ll need more storage space at some point in the game.

If you like your home to reflect your inner self, I’m guessing you don’t enjoy just dropping all your extra stuff on the floor (even though that’s a viable strategy in Disney Dreamlight Valley). As such, this guide will explain how you can increase storage in the game.

How does storage work in Disney Dreamlight Valley


First, let's go through Disney Dreamlight Valley's storage basics. You’ll have two primary types of storage, one being the in-person storage that consists of how much your character can carry at a time. The other is in the form of storage chests, one of which comes with the house.

The character storage can be upgraded once by paying 5k Star Coins to instantly double it, allowing you to carry more items on the go. This is useful as it lets you store more items at a time while taking on various quests simultaneously.

A fully upgraded character inventory (Image via Youtube/Mirraj Gaming)
A fully upgraded character inventory (Image via Youtube/Mirraj Gaming)

The house storage is another matter and ties into upgrading the structure itself. By default, you’ll have eight slots in the storage chest inside your house, which will be classified under Storage in the furniture menu. Don’t let that classification fool you, though, as any other furniture item (aside from one) under that category is purely for decor and not functional.

Three methods to increase storage inside your house

Method 1: The ol' drop it on the floor tactic

Let’s get the most basic and spartan method out of the way first. You can drop items on the ground and floor in Disney Dreamlight Valley and leave them until you need them. As they do not respawn, it is quite an ingenious solution that is cost-effective and simple.

If you want to be more organized, you can add a separate room in your house, which you can use specifically for storing things. At least this way, your main room won’t look like a cluttered mess if that kind of stuff bothers you. Although, if you are following method one, I doubt that.

Method 2: Upgrading the house to get more storage

Remember the storage chest that comes with the house for free in Disney Dreamlight Valley? You might be wondering if there’s a way to increase its capacity. Well, good news: there is. However, it does include spending some hard-earned coins. Upgrading your house lets you increase this storage space, and you can use the Scrooge sign beside the entrance.

The default 8-slot storage chest (Image via Gameloft)
The default 8-slot storage chest (Image via Gameloft)

There are three upgrades for the house, each costing you 2k, 20k, and 75k Star Coins, respectively. Alongside upgrading the house, each adds another row of storage space to the chest. This is possibly the costliest option for increasing storage space, but why not if you’re rolling in it?

Method 3: Crafting a chest of your own

Crafting is the best method to upgrade the storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It’s pretty simple and lets you increase your storage infinitely, so buckle up to see how. You’ll need two simple materials: X25 Softwood and 25 Stone. Once you have these collected, head over to your crafting table.

Crafting a new storage chest (Image via Youtube - HDPlay Gaming)
Crafting a new storage chest (Image via Youtube - HDPlay Gaming)

You’ll find a design for a Chest under the Functional Items tab in the Crafting menu. Craft it using Softwood and Stone, and you’ll have a new 16-slot storage chest. The best part is that you can craft multiple chests of this type, and since softwood and stone are very easy to come by, you can craft these quite easily.

Those were some of the best ways to improve storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Did you find this helpful guide? If so, maybe like the article? You can even leave us a comment to let us know what other guides you’d like us to cover. Keep up with us for more on Disney Dreamlight Valley (and other games), and have a great day!

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