Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: Moneymaking 101 - How to make a quick buck

Star Coins are the main in-game currency in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)
Star Coins are the main in-game currency in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-simulation game where you will need a lot of cash if you want to be living your best life (which is a sad but true analogy for real life as well). While the game has two forms of currency, this article will only look at the more capitalist version, which is the Star Coins.

Players will need the coins for many transactions in Disney Dreamlight Valley, primarily those dealing with Scrooge McDuck. He will take charge of most of the renovations, restorations, and even the main item shop in the game. If you know his reputation, you know he is not going to cheapen his prices.

However, there are more than a few ways to make some money on your own in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As a life-simulator, it will not reward you with coins for finishing quests and will require that you set up your own business. This guide will help you with finding the best ways to make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley?


The first thing to understand is where you can get Star Coins from in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Progressing friendships to certain levels can net you a few coins now and then, while Scrooge can sometimes give them to you for helping him out, although these aren’t the most reliable methods.

The best way to make coins is by utilizing Goofy’s stall. This is the only place in the game where you can sell items from your inventory, for which Goofy will pay you. There is no limit to how much you can sell, as Goofy is capable of paying any amount, which makes him arguably as rich as Scrooge, despite his *ahem *humble stature.

So, now that you know where to make money from, the next step is what to make money with. Of course, you can sell any old trinket to Goofy to earn cash, but some items earn you more money than others. Read on to find the three best ways to make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Farming your heart out

Being a farmer is quite profitable (Image via Gameloft)
Being a farmer is quite profitable (Image via Gameloft)

One of the best ways to get a lot of Star Coins is by farming. Selling crop nets you quite a lot of money from Goofy, especially if you are selling the right ones. Granted, you will need to spend some cash to get specific seeds if you want to be meticulous with your farming, but you can also farm as just a hobby, using the seeds you find by clearing Night Thorns.

Depending on how much time you spend in Disney Dreamlight Valley a day, different crops might suit your needs. This is mostly due to the fact that each crop has a different time frame to grow and mature, and varies in selling price. Below is a table denoting every crop in the game, alongside its time taken to grow and the price at which it sells.

PlantGrowth TimeSell Price
Wheat1 minute2 Star Coins
Lettuce3 minutes8 Star Coins
Carrot15 minutes44 Star Coins
Sugarcane7 minutes19 Star Coins
Tomato25 minutes22 Star Coins
Corn12 minutes16 Star Coins
Bell Pepper15 minutes33 Star Coins
Canola35 minutes109 Star Coins
Onion75 minutes170 Star Coins
Rice50 minutes61 Star Coins
Spinach60 minutes41 Star Coins
Okra120 minutes114 Star Coins
Chili Pepper45 minutes78 Star Coins
Cotton25 minutes37 Star Coins
Zucchini40 minutes52 Star Coins
Soya90 minutes69 Star Coins
Cucumber75 minutes159 Star Coins
Eggplant 180 minutes307 Star Coins
Asparagus165 minutes133 Star Coins
Pumpkin240 minutes664 Star Coins
Potato35 minutes126 Star Coins
Leek120 minutes309 Star Coins

Fishing for coins

Fishing is a fun mini-game (Image via Gameloft)
Fishing is a fun mini-game (Image via Gameloft)

Another great way to make Star Coins easily in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Fishing. In a way, it is better than farming, in that you do not need to spend any money beforehand to buy any prerequisites. Another plus point is that getting a hold of fish is quite easy and does not have a wait time like growing crops. Bring along a friend to whom you have assigned fishing as a specialty, and you might even reap double the benefits.

Simply head over to a pond, sea shore, or river in any of the biomes you have unlocked, get out your rod, and start fishing. If you’re good enough at quick-time events, this activity should be a cinch. Below you’ll find a table of all the fish in the game, where to find them, and their selling price.

FishWhere to findSell price
CatfishPeaceful Meadow550 Star Coins
BreamPeaceful Meadow600 Star Coins
Rainbow TroutPeaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor50 Star Coins
BassPeaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights25 Star Coins
FuguDazzle Beach900 Star Coins
KingfishDazzle Beach459 Star Coins
ShrimpDazzle Beach300 Star Coins
SwordfishDazzle Beach700 Star Coins
HerringDazzle Beach, Glade of Trust65 Star Coins
CodDazzle Beach, Forgotten Lands, Glade of Trust35 Star Coins
PikeForest of Valor800 Star Coins
PerchForest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau80 Star Coins
CarpForest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau400 Star Coins
LobsterGlade of Trust950 Star Coins
SquidGlade of Trust, Forgotten Lands500 Star Coins
TunaGlade of Trust, Forgotten Lands95 Star Coins
WalleyeSunlit Plateau1,100 Star Coins
TilapiaSunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights600 Star Coins
Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights150 Star Coins
CrabFrosted Heights600 Star Coins
White SturgeonFrosted Heights1,200 Star Coins
AnglerfishForgotten Lands1,500 Star Coins
LancetfishForgotten Lands 650 Star Coins
SoleForgotten Lands 200 Star Coins

Mining is the art of making money

A topaz mineral vein (Image via Gameloft)
A topaz mineral vein (Image via Gameloft)

Finally, one of the most direct ways to make money is simply by selling Goofy precious gems. There are a variety of gems available in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and the best way to gather them is by mining the black ore veins seen around the world.

Similar to fishing, you do not have to spend any extra cash for this activity, and you will also probably end up with additional materials that you can sell for some extra cash. Again, having a buddy whose specialty is mining helps here, as they will occasionally unearth the last mineral you get from an ore vein, doubling your profit.

Here is a table of all the precious gems in the game, along with their availability and selling prices.

GemWhere to findSell price
TopazPlaza240 Star Coins
Shiny TopazPlaza960 Star Coins
GarnetPlaza, Peaceful Meadows160 Star Coins
Shiny GarnetPlaza, Peaceful Meadows640 Star Coins
PeridotPeaceful Meadows, Dazzle Beach200 Star Coins
Shiny PeridotPeaceful Meadows, Dazzle Beach800 Star Coins
AquamarineDazzle Beach, Forest of Valor250 Star Coins
Shiny AquamarineDazzle Beach, Forest of Valor1000 Star Coins
EmeraldForest of Valor, Glade of Trust325 Star Coins
Shiny EmeraldForest of Valor, Glade of Trust1300 Star Coins
CitrineGlade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau380 Star Coins
Shiny CitrineGlade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau1500 Star Coins
TourmalineSunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights420 Star Coins
Shiny TourmalineSunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights1600 Star Coins
AmethystFrosted Heights, Forgotten Lands500 Star Coins
Shiny AmethystFrosted Heights, Forgotten Lands 2000 Star Coins
DiamondForgotten Lands600 Star Coins
Shiny DiamondForgotten Lands 2400 Star Coins

These were some of the best ways to make money faster in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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