Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to use Energy and get more of it

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is an answer to the success of Animal Crossing from the biggest entertainment juggernaut the world has ever known. Players can enjoy all the farming and fishing they like while also hanging out with Mickey Mouse and all of his beloved friends.

The game is currently available in Early Access, but fans are already hooked on the life-simulator format. Players have a lot to do, but they will quickly discover that they can't do everything at once. The title features a big blue bar that will tell them how many activities their hero can complete before they have to take a break.

What does Energy do in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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Disney Dreamlight Valley works like a lot of other chill games, in that it has a lot of tasks players will do over and over. Every task they undertake, however, will take a toll on their character's Energy.

Energy is a resource that governs almost every task that a player can choose to do with their day in the game. Conversing with friends, going on adventures, fishing, working in the garden, and almost every other task will cost Energy and be impossible without it.

The biggest task that players can do without energy is harvesting. They can take in crops that have bloomed at no cost, so they are free to reap the rewards of their earlier hard work.

The only thing the tutorial mentions about Energy is that it can be used to destroy Night Thorns; this isn't its main purpose, but it is important. Whenever players encounter these nasty purple plants, they'll need to blast them away with some Energy.

Some activities take up more of the character's Energy than others. It functions like a stamina bar in any other game; something like watering seeds won't take up nearly as much as digging up several new farming spots.

How to refill Energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Luckily, Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn't force players to stop enjoying the game once they're out of Energy. Many other titles with similar systems require them to end their day once they run out of stamina, but here the resource can be refilled.

The classic way to regain Energy is to head back home. Currently, there's no time limit on this, and players can just walk through their front door, turn around, walk back out, and get right back to the task at hand. This will fully refill the energy bar at no cost.

Players can also eat food to refill their Energy. There's a variety of recipes that they can cook to gain benefits from sitting down to a delicious meal. Different items restore different amounts and some recipes can refill the entire bar.


They can also gradually increase the size of their Energy bar by completing quests throughout the game. By increasing friendship levels with Disney characters and taking on their adventures, players will increase their meter.

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to do a lot of things, but they'll have to stop for a break every so often. Even if that break only lasts a couple of seconds or if it's only enough time to eat.

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