Disorder Crystals in Lost Ark: How to get them and what are they used for

How to obtain Disorder Crystals in Lost Ark (Image via Lost Ark)
How to obtain Disorder Crystals in Lost Ark (Image via Lost Ark)

When it comes to Lost Ark’s endgame, a few things are still eluding some community members in terms of their next objectives and the type of items they need to be grinding for.

One such resource that many find an important part of the endgame grind is the Disorder Crystal. These crystals are a type of in-game currency that allows players to exchange them for a lot of items such as gear and upgrade materials.

Constantly striving to perfect one’s loadout and maximizing their DPS is part and parcel of any good MMORPG’s late-game content. For Smilegate’s title, Disorder Crytal is one such resource, which helps players have an easier time with some of the most difficult raids.

Hence, today’s guide will help out players who are still struggling to understand some of the endgame content that the MMO has to offer.

How to obtain Disorder Crystals in Lost Ark

Disorder Crystals are one of the rarest currencies to obtain in Lost Ark, as players will need to complete Chaos Dungeons to get their hands on them. To get the currency, adventurers will first need to unlock the endgame dungeons themselves, and to do so, they will need to fill in the following conditions:

  • Adventurers must be level 50.
  • They must finish all main story quests
  • They must accept the quest Ealyn's Request from the marker in North Vern

Upon meeting the above requisites, the Chaos Dungeons will automatically be unlocked for daily use.


As these raids can only be done twice a day, the amount of Disorder Crytal that one can gain from them is therefore limited.

Fortunately, these dungeons do not take too long to complete, at least in the initial tiers, and players can breeze through them quite easily.

However, as the amount obtained is limited to the daily cap, it’s important that adventurers complete them daily to rack up a sizeable amount of the resource.

What can Disorder Crystals buy in Lost Ark?


The Disorder Crystal description reads:

"These crystals contain ominous energy found in the Chaos Gate. They glow faintly even in the corrosive chaos."

This has initially led many to believe that perhaps Disorder Crystals are something that can be used as a component in a crafting recipe. However, that is not the case and players who were able to amass a good amount of the currency can use it to buy a lot of upgrade materials and gear from the Chaos Dungeon vendor.

These vendors are always found outside the entrance of every Chaos Dungeon in the game, additionally, players can even find one in the Vern Castle zone in the North Vern region. The vendor will be located to the southeast of the Chaos Dungeon statue.


So what are the items that can be purchased with Disorder Crystals? Here is a list of all the purchasables:

  • Harmony Shards
  • Harmony Leapstones
  • Stone Fragments
  • Jewellery (Rare-Legendary)
  • Engraving Books (Uncommon)

Disorder Crystal plays a big role in helping adventurers make the most out of their endgame grind by allowing them to better their gear with every run. While some of the high tier dungeons can be quite difficult to complete, adventurers can always party up when the going gets tough.