Do BTS Cookies live up to the hype in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

The BTS Riddle answer was revealed shortly after the update went live (Image via Sportskeeda)
The BTS Riddle answer was revealed shortly after the update went live (Image via Sportskeeda)

One of the announcements that spurred the hype around the BTS and Cookie Run: Kingdom collaboration was when the developers declared that the Cookie versions of each BTS member would be playable Cookies, unlike those added during the game's collaboration with Disney.

All seven BTS Cookies have identical sub-stats and the exact "Army's Wishes" ability and are categorized in the "Special" rarity alongside Sonic and Tails Cookie.

Diving into the BTS Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom - All you need to know


The substats of a fully upgraded BTS Cookie with a full Swift Chocolate build (without any SoulStone promotion) are below:

  • HP: 121, 535
  • ATK: 24,748
  • DEF: 31,167
  • CRIT%: 14.6%
  • Overall Power: 147,815

A unique characteristic that the Cookie Run: Kingdom developers have added to all seven BTS Cookies is that players don’t have to use their Skill Powders to upgrade these characters’ "Army's Wishes" ability.

The Skill Level will be automatically upgraded to match the Cookie level every time players upgrade. The Skill Level will be automatically upgraded even if players place their BTS Cookie in the Hall of Ancient Heroes.

The numbers for the maxed-out "Army's Wishes" ability are also provided below:

  • 19-second base Cooldown
  • Healing: 20% every 1.0 sec for 7.0 sec
  • Stun Immunity: 10.0 sec
  • Debuff Resist: +30.0% for 10.0 sec
  • When an ally is suffering from 3 or more debuffs:
  • HP Shield: 17.5% of Max HP for 3.0 sec
  • DMG Resist: +13.5% for 8.0 sec; stacks up to x1

The stun immunity and debuff resistance are impressive, given that it beats out similar buffs on popular characters like Cocoa and Parfait, respectively.

One caveat to consider with the stun immunity would be when facing off in an arena battle against an Espresso Cookie (with Magic Candy), it puts the team with the BTS Cookie at a disadvantage. This is due to Espresso Cookie dealing extra damage (325%) to enemies immune to stuns, as described in the skill description for the Cookie's Magic Candy.

The HP Shield and DMG Resist also provide considerable value, especially in PvP Cookie Run: Kingdom matches.

It's quite clear that BTS Cookies and Candy Diver have many similarities, and players must choose between the two based on their playstyle.


What stands out with BTS Cookies is the amount of healing they can pull off even though they are periodic healers, unlike the currently popular Healers in Cookie Run: Kingdom, like Cream Unicorn and Pure Vanilla.

A 2-2 team composition would be best with these new Support Cookies, with a Charge-Defense Front, two DPSs in the middle, and a solitary BTS Cookie in the Rear.

Another reason the BTS Cookies are an excellent investment is how much value one can get from these characters by using minimal resources.

Placing them in the Hall of Ancient Heroes (provided readers have a Lv.70 Paragon Cookie) and adding some Swift Chocolate toppings is all you have to do to get your hands on what are arguably the best Support Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom today.

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