"Do you not read any feedbacks?": League of Legends' Ashen Knight Sylas skin receives major backlash from fans

Fans feel disappointed yet again as the Ashen Knight Sylas skin fails to meet expectations (Image via Riot Games)
Fans feel disappointed yet again as the Ashen Knight Sylas skin fails to meet expectations (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends provided the first official look at the brand new Ashen Knight Sylas skin on September 7, 2022, which is set for release along with patch 12.18. This is the third addition to this skinline after Ashen Knight Pyke and Ashen Knight Pantheon.

While Pyke's skin received an overwhelming response from fans, Pantheon ended up getting a lot of backlash. Thus, players expected that the next skin in the lineup would be good and meet the standards set forth by Pyke's skin. As it happens, Sylas's skin did not fare well and ended up receiving even more criticism.

One such fan commented the following on Twitter:

Based on the community's negative reception, it is quite clear that fans are not happy and it seems like the developers are consistently failing to read through the feedback. It seems as if Pyke's skin was the odd one as the expectations have gone downhill since Sylas' skin was revealed.

League of Legends fans feel Ashen Knight Sylas skin does not match well with the theme

The key idea behind the Ashen Knight skinline is to represent corrupted warriors from a ruined kingdom that was once led by a very prosperous king. Therefore, League of Legends fans feel that it should have the vibe of fallen knights.

Unfortunately, the Ashen Knight Pantheon and the Ashen Knight Sylas skins look nothing like knights. Fans are tired of the whole skin design where Riot Games simply draws shirtless men and gives them a purple color.

Fans felt that when Pyke's skin had a very special vibe to it when it was released. Unfortunately, this new Sylas version simply looks like a purple chroma of some very ordinary skin.

In short, League of Legends fans feel that Riot Games is not putting much effort into these Ashen Knight skins, which has angered a major portion of the fanbase. Hence, the expectations that were set forth by the Pyke's skin have gone down with the release of Sylas' skin.

Several fans feel that the League of Legends developers are not receptive to feedback. If the majority of the fanbase feels that the skins are not up to par, Riot Games will have to take some steps and make a few positive changes.

This is because the Ashen Knight skins cost a lot as they can only be obtained through Mythic Essence. However, obtaining the resource is a tedious process as the only way to do get a huge chunk of it is through event passes.

Therefore, if fans do not like the skins, they will simply stop purchasing them, which will lead to a bad state of affairs for both sides. It will be unfair for fans to expect that Riot Games will rework the Ashen Knight Sylas skin.

Fans feedback will hopefully ensure that the future Ashen Knight skins are more to the liking of the fans and are better both in terms of design as well as thematic relevance.