Does it matter what you inscribe in the wood in Diablo 4's Rite of Passage quest?

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How do you solve the puzzle of the Diablo 4 Rite of Passage quest? (Image via Imagination/YouTube)

Players will come upon the Rite of Passage quest early in the Diablo 4 beta. It needs to be completed to get into the city of Kyovashad. It is an important ritual to the people of this city, so you cannot avoid doing this - at least not now. This could change come the full launch of the game.

Upon reaching the city, Diablo 4 players must inscribe something into a piece of wood and throw it into the flames. Players will be given several options for the quest, but the important question is - is there a right answer?

What should you inscribe into the wood during Diablo 4’s Rite of Passage quest?

During the Prolog of Diablo 4, players will ultimately find their way to the city of Kyovashad.

Before Lorath can bring you into the city, the gate guard will demand that you participate in an important cleansing ritual. You must take one of the Holy Cedar Tablets and inscribe something upon it. Out of the choices, players must pick the sin that they are most troubled with.


Options for inscription

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Pride
  • Greed
  • Nothing but scribbles

The purpose of the ritual is to help cleanse you of that sin so that you can walk safely among the residents of Kyovashad in the world of Sanctuary; however, if the player is troubled about this, fear not. What you inscribe into the wood in Diablo 4’s Rite of Passage quest does not matter.

There is no particular reward for doing this, so players can be assured that their choice won't affect their character. Players can choose to scribble gibberish on the wood, or they could consider what their character is like. After all, the guard can’t go behind you and make sure you write something serious.


Once you’ve completed this quest, you can take on the Missing Pieces quest, which will require you to pick up a few items from a merchant. You’ll also have to speak with them about several nearby towns. Make sure you have 20g on hand for this to purchase your weapon, and they will also give you the Strange Amulet for Lorath.

While it doesn’t matter what you inscribe on the Holy Cedar Tablet, simply doing it will prove that you are committed to the rituals of this town and can further your exploration into the Diablo 4 beta test.

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