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DOTA 2: The Game and the Mind

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Train your mind before you train yourself
Train your mind before you train yourself

I have written a few guides for the beginners and a few which can help you improve your gameplay. There is even an article dedicated to solo MMR grinding but honestly, even though you read a lot of guides and follow the instructions it's still very hard to keep your calm sometimes and that is the reason I decided to step up and write this guide.

I am going to unravel things that are related to your mind. Mechanical skills are something you can't be taught. You can be told what you need to achieve but that's it, it's your journey. You pour your time and practice, and through practice, you improve your mechanical skills, but other things are as important as your mechanical skills. 

Things like decision-making ability, the ability to understand the map, the ability to read your opponent or their movement, are things you don't need to practice to achieve but are as important. All you need is a calm mind and a proper understanding of the game and your mind.

This guide is supposed to make you a rational, positive player who understands the game and work towards winning. There's no easy way out of this one, but it is not something that needs years to achieve, you can work on it from this very day and start changing from your very next game.


TLDR for all the wannabe singsings in the PUB
TLDR for all the wannabe
in the PUB

DOTA2 is a game that depends a lot on your perception or how you see the game. We are going to talk about different perceptions, mindsets, and outcomes. Some situations make you want to throw and start a new game, but those are the exact situations you need to handle to win the game. With a negative mentality, you can throw these games, or with a positive mentality, you can win a few of those. 

People talk a lot about luck, but here is a simple example. People complain about being unlucky with teammates so let's say you get idiotic teammates in ten games, you throw the ten games, and now you have ten lost games.

With a positive mentality, you stopped your tilt and did not throw, instead you stayed until the very end and tried hard. What happens mostly is when you are going to lose a game you lose the game, but if you extend these games, do not tilt and think straight, your opponent might tilt and do something stupid, and you might end up winning. 

There are a lot of things that can happen, but there's nothing worse than throwing the game, and you already are losing the game, so it either gets better or you deal with something you prepared for. Being positive might not win you thrown games, but it might change one of those thrown games and that way you will have at least one less loss.


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