Dr Disrespect's mysterious Twitch ban may be the best thing to happen to both parties

(Image Via Sportskeeda)
(Image Via Sportskeeda)
Nakul Ahuja

2020 was a fantastic year for the video game industry and the streamers who play an instrumental role in making them popular. But it was somewhat rocky for Dr Disrespect.

The streamer signed an exclusive contract with Twitch in the summer of 2020, but things soon took a turn for the worse.

News broke on June 26 that the 'Dr Disrespect had received a permanent ban from the Amazon-owned platform, but the cause was shrouded in mystery and remains unknown to this day.

However, Twitch informed the entire community that Dr Disrespect had acted in violation of its guidelines but fell short of explaining what he had done.

A few days later, Dr Disrespect expressed his disappointment over the platform's decision via a Twitter post.

The American streamer is a renowned figure in the industry who, apart from his play-style, is known for the charisma he brings to his streams coupled with his 80s inspired get-up.

Support poured in from the community as several streamers chose Twitter to express their anguish over Dr Disrespect's ban.

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Dr Disrespect announces a surprising move.

There was a lot of uncertainty around Dr Disrespect's future with the world waiting to catch a glimpse of the streamer who received a permanent ban from Twitch.

His first public appearance was on August 6th when he went live on YouTube to announce that he would be shifting to the platform but refused to show his face.

Unsurprisingly, he went live on YouTube the very next day and attracted over half a million viewers, reiterating that his charm was far from over.

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Dr Disrespect joked about his ban on several occasions. He also pointed out that he was set to receive a hefty sum as part of an exclusive deal with Twitch, insinuating that banning his channel was a way of saving all that money.

At this point it is doubtful that Dr Disrespect will ever make a move back to Twitch. However, we can only hope to unravel the reason behind his mysterious ban before 2021 ends.

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