EA FC 24 Companion App: How to link, features, and more

The EA FC 24 Companion App is now live (Images via EA Sports)
The EA FC 24 Companion App is now live (Images via EA Sports)

The EA FC 24 Companion App is now available for download, much to the excitement of Ultimate Team enthusiasts around the globe. The update for the FIFA 23 Companion App went live earlier today, allowing gamers to replace the previous version of the app with the latest one. For gamers who did not have the previous iteration, they can download the latest version on their mobile devices.

The Companion App is a much more convenient way of accessing Ultimate Team on mobile devices in comparison with the Web App. The EA FC 24 Web App went live yesterday, giving fans their first taste of Ultimate Team in the new game cycle.

That said, the release of the Companion App will truly allow players to manage their FC 24 clubs on the go.

The EA FC 24 Companion App is now available for download on mobile devices

The release of the Web App has been rather underwhelming in EA FC 24 compared to previous years, especially due to the lack of Welcome Back packs. However, the latest set of Marquee Matchups offers some tradeable packs for gamers to make some coins, and the release of the Companion App will make completing these SBCs easier than ever.

While fans could still access the Web App on their mobile devices through a browser, a dedicated app makes the entire process much more streamlined and optimized. This makes the Companion App an indispensable tool.

How to link the app to your EA account?

Linking your account to the app is an extremely easy and convenient process. Upon loading up the app and logging in for the first time, gamers will be required to input their EA account details and password, which will automatically connect the app to their Ultimate Team club.

They can also select the "Remember Me" option to ensure that they don't have to repeat the login process every time they launch the app.

How to make the most out of the EA FC 24 Companion App?


While there is not much to do on the app right now except some basic SBCs, it will gain more importance as the game progresses. There are a plethora of promos and events going on in Ultimate Team all the time, and the app will allow fans to basically do everything related to UT except indulge in actual gameplay.

Fans can do SBCs, use the transfer market to trade on the go, open packs, create new squads, claim rewards from Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions, as well as claim rewards from objectives. EA FC 24 has also added a brand new "Claim All" button that makes the process of receiving objective rewards a lot easier.

With so much utility on offer, the EA FC 24 companion app is definitely a must-have for all Ultimate Team enthusiasts who want to stay updated with everything going on in the virtual footballing world.

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