EA FC 24 Nike Mad Ready promo: What to expect, confirmed players, and more

The Nike Mad Ready promo appears promising (Images via EA Sports)
The Nike Mad Ready promo appears promising (Images via EA Sports)

EA Sports recently released brand new Pitch Notes to provide fans with some details regarding the upcoming Nike Mad Ready promo of EA FC 24. This is the very first Early Access exsclusive promo in the history of the series and will be available only to gamers who have purchased the Ultimate Edition of the upcoming title.

While this sounds like an exciting concept, not much was known about this promo till now except its exclusive nature and the identity of two of the players included on the roster.

That said, EA Sports has finally shed some light on the much-anticipated event through their latest Ultimate Team Pitch Notes, creating even more hype in the community.

The Nike Mad Ready promo will be the first special event of EA FC 24

As the first ever Early Access exclusive promo in the history of the series, fans have high expectations of the Nike Mad Ready promo in EA FC 24. The quality of the content on offer during this event will determine whether it was worth spending extra for the Ultimate Edition, and based on the latest information provided by EA Sports, the promo certainly has a lot of potential.

Which players will be included in the promo?

EA Sports had already revealed that the Nike Mad Ready promo will feature players like Enzo Fernandez and Federico Chiesa in EA FC 24. While the rest of the roster is yet to be revealed, the developers have disclosed that the lineup will feature five players possessing the same stats as their base cards. These players will showcase special cosmetic changes and will be used to complete various objectives.

According to EA Sports, the aim of the promo is to give players a tailor-made experience to help them prepare for the upcoming annual cycle of Ultimate Team, and the rewards on offer through these objectives will reflect this.

While the exact nature of these rewards is still a mystery, fans can only assume that they might possibly include packs, players and consumables.

What is the duration of the promo?

Being an Early Access exclusive, it comes as no surprise that the Nike Mad Ready promo begins on the same day as the release of the Ultimate Edition of EA FC 24. The batch of special players will be added to packs on September 22 at 6 pm GMT and will be available till September 29 at 5:59 pm GMT.

EA Sports has also confirmed that the Web App will be released on September 20, with the Companion App arriving a day later on September 21.

This will allow gamers who purchased the Standard Edition of the game to stay occupied till the global release, which is when we will get the first standard promo of EA FC 24: UEFA Road to the Knockouts.

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