EA FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties Justin Kluivert SBC: How to complete, expected costs, and more

The latest player SBC is now live (Images via EA Sports)
The latest player SBC is now live (Images via EA Sports)

The Ultimate Dynasties promo is now live in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, and EA Sports has released a new player SBC as part of it, with Justin Kluivert receiving a special version. The Dutch winger joins his legendary father as part of the promo roster, adding to the theme of the event. This promo provides boosted items to relatives of footballers who have played at the highest level of the sport.

This promo is a brand new addition to the world of Ultimate Team in EA FC 24, similar to a lot of other special events released so far. It features both current players and retired legends, including the likes of Dutch Icon Patrick Kluivert. His son Justin Kluivert currently plays in the Premier League for Bournemouth FC and has received a special SBC item.

Ultimate Dynasties Justin Kluivert is now available as an SBC in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

The Ultimate Dynasties promo has seen a promising start in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. Not only does this series come with an extensive roster of special cards up for grabs, EA Sports has also released a variety of Evolutions, player objectives, Store Packs, and Player SBCs as part of it.

Justin Kluivert is the latest Squad Building Challenge in the lineup, with the Dutch attacker being available through a rather cheap and accessible SBC.

His challenge is much more affordable than the recently released Lucas Hernandez card, which will definitely make it a popular option for gamers using Premier League squads in Ultimate Team.

How to unlock Ultimate Dynasties Justin Kluivert in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team


The SBC to unlock this 86-rated Premier League winger consists of two individual segments, each with its own restrictions and pack rewards. These are the specific stipulations mentioned in the requirements of each squad:

Premier League

  • Players from the Premier League: Minimum one in your starting eleven
  • Team overall rating: Minimum 83

Top Form

  • Team of the Week players: Minimum one in your starting eleven
  • Team overall rating: Minimum 84

The overall expected cost of this SBC is around 45,000 coins, which is reasonable for the reward it offers. Premier League players are always in high demand when it comes to Ultimate Team, as they are extremely easy to accommodate into the starting lineup and provide chemistry to some of the most overpowered players in this game.

Players can also bring down this Patrick Kluivert Ultimate Dynasties SBC's price further by using untradeable items from their clubs or by grinding various Upgrade SBCs to obtain fodder.

There are plenty of ways to stock up your club with the items required for such challenges in EA FC 24. This SBC, in particular, is a worthwhile proposition due to its price and amazing stats.