EA Games officially announces potential upcoming games for 2023 and beyond; Dead Space, Jedi Fallen Order 2, and more

EA Games have four major games coming in 2023 (Image via EA Games)
EA Games have four major games coming in 2023 (Image via EA Games)

During EA Games' most recent investors call on May 11, the publishers revealed that four games will come out between January and April 2023. While this could mean anything, the company did give a few specifics as to what types of games could possibly launch in 2023.


EA Games announce four future releases, speculation on what those titles are

What is coming for fans when it comes to their 2023 releases? The company stated that there are four major titles on the way, though some of these could be games that have already been announced.

Four game types being released in 2023

  • A Remake
  • A Sports title
  • A Partner title
  • Major Unannounced IP

What could these games possibly be, though? Some of them are pretty obvious to fans, and others could literally be anything.

All of the below-mentioned titles are speculatory and could vary wildly in accuracy.


A Dead Space reboot has been in the works for a significant period of time, but there’s also no confirmed release date for it. Footage and discussion of the game have been made, though, and a 2023 release could very well be the right call.

Sports titles maybe a little more complicated. The last FIFA game is on the way, and there’s also no doubt Madden ‘23 and NHL ‘23 are coming. However, the franchise will be renamed EA Sports FC, which could also be the game coming in the future.

The downside to picking those games is that they will be released in 2022, so they’re scratched off the list. It could very well be the return of a classic sports franchise, such as NCAA College Football.


There has also not been an NCAA Basketball game since NCAA Basketball 10, which was developed by this company. Either of these would be excellent choices for a franchise to bring back.

The hardest thing to determine is the Partner title. Several studios partner with EA Games and are responsible for some incredible games. These include Burnout Paradise Remastered, Titanfall, Titanfall 2, Unravel, Rocket Arena, and so much more.

So it is likely that one of these publishers will drop something huge. Perhaps another Titanfall game will finally be revealed? It's a franchise that fans have been clamoring for more of, especially as Apex Legends continues to develop. The crossover lore between the two games keeps fans chomping at the bit for a Titanfall 3.


As far as the Major Unannounced IP, this could be another relatively easy game to predict. As far as Major IPs go, fans could see the announcement of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 2. Why not a sequel? The first game was pretty successful, so a sequel would likely be received positively.

As with all predictions and speculation, it must be taken with a grain of salt. None of this has been confirmed, other than the fact that EA Games have some games coming up and revealing the types of games they will be. The actual titles/franchises will have to wait until EA Games gives more details, perhaps later this year.

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