Elden Ring may have changed rules for illusory walls as players discover one after 50 hits

Is it an in-game bug, or is FomSoftware trolling players? (Image via Elden Ring)
Is it an in-game bug, or is FomSoftware trolling players? (Image via Elden Ring)
Abhishek Mallick

Almost a month into its launch, players are finding new secrets in Elden Ring. The most recent one seemingly threatens the very laws of illusory walls and how they were implemented in previous FromSoftware titles.

Some users have found out recently that there are illusory walls in the Volcano Manor that do not work as intended. While, usually, one hit would suffice to activate its effect and make the wall disappear, revealing a new secret path or area, some in Volcano Manor take close to 50 hits to disappear.

This new piece of information is completely throwing Elden Ring gamers off as they are not sure if this is an intentional in-game mechanic that FromSoftware introduced or if it's just a bug that will be patched out in future updates.

Players worldwide seem to be testing out whether the illusory wall laws have changed in Elden Ring or not, and the Tarnished are finding lots of player apparitions in Volcano Manor hacking away at walls.

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Is it an Elden Ring bug, or is FomSoftware trolling players?

@Papapishu doubt i’m the first to find it but there’s another VM wall further down the tunnel that also takes 50 hits. i assume some walls in this area just accidentally have a value set too high or something haha

This likely is a bug limited to the Volcano Manor alone. In the community videos, users have shown this wall to be adjacent to the "liar ahead" message.

Upon hitting it close to 50 times, the wall automatically disappears, leading gamers into a room they have already visited, home to Rya and Knight Bernahl.

Upon resting on the Site of Grace, the wall comes back again, and players will need to repeat the process of hitting it 50 times to make it disappear.

This is one reason many were confused if it might be FromSoftware trolling their users or it's just a bug that will be patched out soon.

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However, it's also quite hard to leave out the speculation that perhaps this is part of the game's mechanics. Maybe the laws of illusory walls did change, and gamers were supposed to hit every wall they came across 50 times from the very start of the game.

Until the developers provide any official statement, players would look to keep beating on walls from the very first Limgrave area itself.

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