Emiru calls Viego developer to complain after getting deleted by the champion in League of Legends

Emiru recently got destroyed by Viego in League of Legends, leading to a hilarious phone call (Image via Emiru/Twitter & League of Legends)
Emiru recently got destroyed by Viego in League of Legends, leading to a hilarious phone call (Image via Emiru/Twitter & League of Legends)

League of Legends, Emiru’s “comfort” game, led to a hilarious moment during her recent livestream. While setting up Jhin’s ult to hopefully secure a few kills, a Viego player appeared behind her, deleting her character easily.

While waiting to respawn, she called the Lead Character Developer at Riot Games, August “Riot August” Browning, to complain. The resulting conversation was a hilarious moment that had her chat in stitches.

Emiru gets demolished during Jhin ult, calls Riot August to complain about Viego

For a moment, everything was fine. Jhin’s ult was getting ready to fire, and she even had a teammate behind her. Things went from perfect to terrifying in no time, as Viego stepped out of the bushes, stunned and deleted her.

There was no time for a response, just instantaneous death.

“I can’t even move! I’m calling August.”

Emiru called Riot August on the phone during the stream and had the phone near her mic so that her chat could also listen in. August picked up the call quickly and was bombarded by Emiru’s frustration over the character August had designed.

Emiru said:

“So, why did you make it so Viego can kill me from full health? I’m stunned the whole time, I was ulted as Jhin, and he just walked up and killed me.”

August was a very good sport about it, as he’s not a stranger to complaints about his character. His response was pure gold, and provided excellent content for Emiru’s stream.

“Well, you know, when I was making Viego, I thought, ‘You know, one of these days, Emily is gonna play against him and I want her to have a really bad time. So I made him to counter Jhin. That’s it, that’s the story.”

The Twitch streamer laughed helplessly and said that this game was supposed to be her comfort game, which led to August just chuckling at the streamer’s pain. It was a hilarious moment, and when she asked August why he did it, the Riot developer quipped that sometimes, AD carries needed to be put in their place.

League of Legends as a “comfort game” becomes a topic of discussion

One of the things said in her stream was that she considered LoL her “comfort game” to which she could turn to for relaxation. Naturally, this led to a fair bit of chatter on Reddit, with some agreeing with her while others were baffled.

One user also said that they admitted ranked was toxic, and they saw League of Legends as both a toxic chore and as a comfort game at the same time.

Just as important was the fact that Viego was busted, and many agreed. That would have people talking about the reason the streamer called August to complain about him. Ultimately, it was likely done for the content, which is the purpose of any stream.

Some readers picked up on how the chat called her “One True Karen” due to the streamer immediately calling to complain about something that happened.

However, some felt that the streamer was fake or designed to generate interest or views for her content.

Her spur-of-the-moment decision to call the developer was a pretty comical moment during her stream, and although she did get blasted by Viego, it created interesting content for her stream overall.

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