Emiru reveals she had to get her own gym membership after fellow OTK members got caught sneaking her in

Emiru reveals a hilarious incident with Mizkif (Image via emirusquad/Instagram)
Emiru reveals a hilarious incident with Mizkif (Image via emirusquad/Instagram)

Emiru, content creator for the gaming organization One True King (OTK), has played a vital role in the group's success. The variety streamer pools immense traction from her Twitch channel, with over 828k followers on the purple platform.

Recently, she described a hilarious incident during a livestream. She spoke about how a handful of OTK members were caught sneaking her into the gym.

"They hate us."

Emiru narrates a hysterical anecdote featuring Mizkif

In a clip extracted from the gamer's latest stream, the Twitch star, while interacting with her fans via Twitch chat about her latest expedition into the real world, stepped out of her gaming zone and revealed a fascinating incident.

She spoke to her viewers about some interesting things she'd done over the weekend. One of them involved getting a gym membership. She shared exactly why she needed a gym membership by exploring the details of a hysterical incident

"I had to go get a gym membership cause uh... normally when I go to the gym I we- in the house we go together but like I don't have my own membership so they like use their key to unlock the gym door and I'll just go in and they're not supposed to have guests at this gym."

And it did not end there. Emiru then deep-dived into it and it's safe to say fans loved it.

"Apparently, they have security cameras. They started passive aggresively texting Miz and were like, "Are you gonna keep bringing that girl? We're just gonna keep charging you $15 every time." I was like uh huh."

After being sort of speechless for a while, she concluded by saying how the people at the gym hate them (the streamer group).

Fans react as Twitch streamer Emiru shares a hilarious story

The gamer/cosplayer and her fans could not stop laughing as the streamer narrated the entire anecdote.

Fans expressed their joy and reaction in the Twitch chat, with many individuals commenting "OMEGADANCE" and "OMEGALUL" messages as well as "EZ" and "EZ CLAP."

Screenshot of fans' reactions to the hilarious story (Image via emiru/Twitch)
Screenshot of fans' reactions to the hilarious story (Image via emiru/Twitch)

Surprisingly, members of the community had entirely distinguished views on Reddit in the now-deleted post featuring the same clip.

Various fans in the comments section of the post commented on the irony of millionaires choosing to avoid paying gym memeberships.

However, one fan had a completely different opinion on the story, as well as the individuals mocking the streamer for avoiding the fees.

Whereas there was one Redditor who had a practical outlook towards things.

The hysterical incident is surely going to be remembered by her fans for a long time. This is especially true given that the owner and founding member of OTK, Mizkif, was at the center of the story alongside their favorite streamer.

Interestingly, One True King also won the 'Organization of the Year' award at the Streamer Awards. Emiru was also one of the nominees for 'Best League of Legends Streamer,' however, loltyler1 did not leave any boxes unchecked this year and clinched the award.

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