Fortnite 15.10 update: All the new guns added to the game

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
Dipanjan Dey

With the latest patch update in Fortnite, Epic Games have added three new weapons in Season 5, along with a bunch of new LTMs before Winterfest arrives. 

Patch v15.10 highlighted the dynamic changes coming to the game. This included the new Lever Action Rifle (Cowboy Repeater Rifle), The Big Chill, and Dragon's Breath Sniper. 

Epic Games mentioned on Twitter that these weapons would be available after the downtime ended. Thus, the weapons meta in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 is about to change.

Epic Games introduces two new exotic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 with patch v15.10

There are already several Exotic weapons on the Island that players can acquire from NPCs, with the most potent one being the Amban Sniper Rifle. Players can acquire this weapon in Fortnite from the Mandalorian at Razer Crest. 

Simultaneously, this is the only Mythic weapon added to Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5. Similarly, players can also acquire the Exotic Storm Scout Sniper rifle from Lexa at Hunter's Haven.

Image via Fortnite insider YouTube
Image via Fortnite insider YouTube

#1 Lever Action Rifle

Along with these, players will now get to use the Cowboy Repeater Rifle, designed after the traditional Winchester Rifles. However, it is being called the Lever Action Rifle on the Fortnite Island.

The new Lever Action Rifle is introduced in the loot pool, and players can pick it up from spawns. Players have reported Pleasant Park as being one of the most common locations for this weapon.

The Lever Action Rifle has a damage of 65 with 52.0 DPS. There are nine bullets in each magazine with a 1.25 fire rate.

However, the 6.3 seconds reload time is the main drawback of this weapon. Otherwise, it functions perfectly for both close and mid-ranged fights.

#2 Dragon's Breath Sniper Rifle

Image via PerfectScore YouTube
Image via PerfectScore YouTube

The Dragon's Breath Sniper can be acquired from the NPC named Blaze. Players will have to purchase the weapon for 1213 gold bars. Blaze is located south of Sweaty Sands on the Fortnite map, and usually has a chest spawn around with gold bars.

The Dragon's Breath Sniper is a one-shot kill weapon, and it lights the opponents on fire. This is quite similar to the Dragon's Breath Shotgun, as it shoots four bullets at once. 

The Sniper variant is much more potent, even as a close-range weapon. With 38.3 DPS, 166.0 Damage, and a fire rate of 0.33, the Dragon's Breath Sniper competes for the first spot with the Amban Sniper Rifle.

However, there is no headshot multiplier on the Dragon's Breath Sniper. Instead, players are lit on fire, and that might take the edge out of ranged combat. 

3 The Big Chill

Image via Perfect Score YouTube
Image via Perfect Score YouTube

Similarly, players can find "The Big Chill" ranged explosive weapon south of Catty Corner. Snowmando wields the weapon, and players can purchase it for 1455 gold bars. 

With a magazine size of six and a 0.75 fire rate, The Big Chill freezes the enemy. Players will also experience a 2.7 seconds delay on the reload. 

Firing this weapon while moving allows players to move quickly with frosty feet. Thus, this weapon will help players with mobility more than combat.

Epic Games have added a number of Sniper Rifles in Fortnite to fit the hunter-themed season. The Boom Sniper Rifle is another Exotic weapon wielded by Splode. Players can find the weapon on the northernmost corner of the map, beyond Stealthy Stronghold.

Image via CultureVulture YouTube
Image via CultureVulture YouTube

Players can purchase the weapon from Sploade for 1225 gold bars. It functions like a Heavy Sniper Rifle dealing 70 Damage per shot. This Sniper has a headshot multiplier of 2.5x, which works for contact damage only.

Thus, the Dragon's Breath Sniper will change the weapons meta in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5, while The Big Chill will add to mobility. It will be interesting to see the Lever Action Rifle in action as well as players have been looking for a Pump Shotgun substitute since it was vaulted. 

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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