Epic Games have started testing Fortnite v16.40, here's what to expect from the update

Epic Games have started testing Fortnite v16.40, Batman might arrive before this update (Image via Sportskeeda)
Epic Games have started testing Fortnite v16.40, Batman might arrive before this update (Image via Sportskeeda)
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A recent tweet from dataminer @FNinformation reveals that Epic Games has started testing Fortnite v16.40 update. It is slated to arrive in the coming weeks in Season 6.

So far, Fortnite Season 6 has had two major updates (v16.10 and v16.20). Both of these updates introduced new elements, map changes, weekly quests, and set the stage for the imminent "Primal War."


With the introduction of Raptors, Fortnite Season 6 has become much more challenging than before. The crafting and hunting dynamic received mixed views from fans and pros alike. These new changes come with a bunch of new glitches, bugs, and in-game exploits.

However, the Fortnite v16.40 update will fix some of these persistent issues in Season 6.

At the same time, Batman might arrive on the map before the Fortnite v16.40 update. Hence, the focus here will be to discuss everything that has been revealed so far about the upcoming Fortnite updates.

Fortnite v16.40 update might bring Batman to the Island

According to data miners, the Fortnite v16.40 update will be the last one for Season 6. It will feature a definitive conclusion for the "Primal War" storyline and might introduce The Foundation outfit in-game.

The Fortnite v16.30 update is expected to launch on 27 April 2021. Neymar Jr. will come with 11 unique cosmetics with the update, but that's not all.

It is rumored that some of the cosmetics from the Fortnite Batman: Zero Point storyline might be added to the game files.

This theory is supported by numerous data miners as the caped crusader will arrive with some much-needed narrative changes.

The Fortnite Batman comic book series promises to be one of the best collaborations of Season 6. Primal-themed Season 6 will serve as a precursor to the larger plot that has Batman as the protagonist.

Recently, images from the third issue were leaked on Twitter which revealed that Batman will fight Snake Eyes from G.I Joe.

These leaks came with numerous theories about the Batcave POI coming in Season 6 with the Fortnite v16.30 update. Several YouTubers and content creators have suggested that Batman will fix the issue with Zero Point.

According to SquattingDog, the Batcave POI will be located around Fort Crumpet near Sweaty Sands. However, Epic Games did not officially confirm this theory.

Regardless, Batman's arrival in Season 6 will give players insight into the Spire challenges. The Fortnite v16.40 update will also come with the final set of Spire Quests. These challenges have become integral to the Primal-themed season as they reveal numerous secrets about the plot.

So far Raz and Tarana have been heavily involved with the Spire Quests. Players can expect these two characters to be integral in the upcoming weeks to complete all Spire-related challenges.

Due to all these leaks, rumors and theories, players cannot wait for the Fortnite v16.40 update. Only time will tell if Batman can solve the mystery of the Zero Point in Fortnite Season 6.

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