Every Dendro elemental reaction in Genshin Impact (August 2022)

Dendro's reactions are full of unique effects (Image via Genshin Impact)
Dendro's reactions are full of unique effects (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact 3.0 will bring the release of Dendro, a powerful new element that has a variety of new options in combat. Fans will want to ensure they understand how its reactions work before the update releases if they're going to take full advantage of its unique options.

The Dendro element provides players with tons of ways to take down their enemies, and understanding them all can be tricky.

Genshin Impact 3.0: All Dendro reactions so far


Genshin Impact 3.0 will unlock lots of new content, including the powerful Dendro element. It has been in the title since launch but has been inaccessible to users, and it will finally be unlocked once this update arrives.

Gamers will need to head to Sumeru and interact with a Statue of the Seven to gain control of this unique element, which opens up many options in battle.

Dendro + Pyro

Burning reaction with Klee and Tighnari.Burn enemies continuously for 2 seconds. Effect will reset its duration by overwriting it.#GenshinImpact #原神 #genshin #genshinleaks

Burning is created when Dendro and Pyro combine, allowing players to cause a damage over time debuff on enemies based on Elemental Mastery. This effect will cause continuous damage to enemies for two seconds, and its duration can be extended by reapplying the reaction.

This reaction can be a great way to keep continuous damage on enemies, and it seems to do a decent amount of damage per activation.

Dendro + Hydro

Bloom reaction with Mona and Tighnari.Damage from the fruit will deal damage for both you and enemy within range.#GenshinImpact #原神 #genshin #genshinleaks

The Bloom reaction is quite detailed and is one of the most critical reactions when it comes to utilizing Dendro reaction teams. When Hydro and Dendro combine, they will create a Dendro Core on the ground near the enemy that triggers the reaction.

The seed will explode after six seconds, dealing AOE Dendro damage to enemies and nearby party members. However, if it is hit with either Pyro or Electro, it will cause the Burgeon and Hyperbloom reactions, respectively.

3.0 bloom, burgeon, hyperbloom explained ˖ ݁ .ᰍ via genshininfoupdateskws genshin impact leaks sumeru

The Burgeon reaction will cause the seed to deal AOE Dendro damage to enemies and nearby allies and will deal damage in a much larger area. Hyperbloom will cause the seed to create a spark that homes in on the nearest enemy, dealing Dendro damage.

Dendro + Electro

Q&A on Catalyze:Q: What is Quicken?A: AKA Catalyze.Q: What is the damage formula?A: Spread/Aggravate grant flat damage equals to LevelMultiplier×ReactionCoeff×[1+(5×EM)/(EM+1200)]. ReactionCoeff is 1.25 for Spread and 1.15 for Aggravate. The buffs benefit from crit.

Quicken is the reaction that occurs when Dendro and Electro combine, and it is a bit trickier to take advantage of than other reactions. When Quicken triggers, it will not do any damage to enemies but apply a debuff called Catalyzed that will need to be triggered by another application of Dendro or Electro.

I need to re-learn elemental reaction again for dendro 😂

If Quicken is hit with Dendro, it will create the Spread reaction, which increases the damage of the Dendro attack that triggered the reaction. If Quicken is instead hit with Electro, it will create the Aggravate reaction, increasing the damage of the Electro attack that triggered the reaction.

Utilizing these reactions can make dealing damage with either element much easier, and gamers will want to carefully manage their applications to get the most of it.

Genshin Impact's newest element has many effects, and players will want to ensure they understand them before the update releases.

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