Every pet available in Lost Ark

Wander Arkesia with a buddy (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Wander Arkesia with a buddy (Image via Smilegate RPG)
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Lost Ark has remained an enticing game for its enormous player base. The game has a ton to explore with an astounding amount of content for those willing to buy it.

Pets have abilities that improve the quality of life for players. Primarily, they can pick up and hold items for the player. Most pets are purchased, but some can be earned or acquired otherwise.

All pets in Lost Ark

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Lost Ark has seventy pets available for players. Many of them have similar names or appearances, and each effect they have is random and replaceable. Lost Ark's pets break down into groups of pallet swaps, some of which feature more than others.

Arong, Barong, Borong, Chorong, Darong, Dorang, Gorong, and Hwarong are all small cute birds. They are differentiated by color, mainly by the color of the streaks above their eyes.

Acorn Cloak Shupi, Carrot Cloak Shuri, Cherry Cloak Shuki, Grape Cloak Shuna, and Icicle Cloak Shushu are all domesticated Shushire Foxes. Each of them sports a different colored coat.

Bonbon, Bouncy, Chuchu, and Enhanced Aid Chuchu are eggs that sprout tiny legs to run around. Each is a different color and the fourth only exists in Lost Ark's training area.

Helgachu, Helganew, Helgapim, and Helgaron are chocobo-like giant birds. They come in a variety of colors and stand tall and proud. They're probably the most recognizable Lost Ark pets.

The Blue, Green, and White Rabbits are just what they sound like, colorful bunnies. The trio left Whispering Inlet for separate reasons.

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Jose, Franco, Enrico, and Andrea are all small foxes from the Whispering Inlet. They each come with complimentary personalities along with their color changes.

Brulee, Cacao, Cookie, and Custard are adorable cows who left their home for the New Year. Each comes in a different color, and with a secret treasure they supposedly carry.

Barbarrosa, Bonny, and Drake are parrots known for traveling with pirates. Each is lauded for their intelligence and high-seas experience.

Blue and Gold Yoholings are modeled after Fox Yoho, but much smaller and nicer. Each is adorable and considered a risk to the owner's heart.

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Bori, Dusty, and Jolmi are Shiba Inu dogs who long to be taken care of. They follow the player, requesting walks and treats.

Bubbly, Cackling, Cheerful, Chipper, Exuberant, Giggling, Grinning, and Happy Totoiki are all animated balls with small hats. Each holds either a small piece of candy or a plant.

David and Josefine are seagulls with conflicting personalities. The former is ice cold, while the latter is elegant and graceful.

Cool Pongpong and Festive Pepe are penguins who travel to enjoy the Winter Festival. Each sports a different outfit to enjoy their festivities.

Freddie, Jason, and Jack are upright-walking Jack-o'-lanterns. Their faces are carved into smiles, but each carries a warning of sinister intentions.

Founder's Pack exclusive cats (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Founder's Pack exclusive cats (Image via Smilegate RPG)

Excited, Fresh, and Happy Chromarong are small metallic dragons. Each has a unique personality and a charming expression.

Floppy and Fuzzy Frazio are stuffed rabbits with strange, damaged eyes. They're made after Mari's companion, Frazio, but they're not perfect clones.

Heavy Walker M1, 2, 3, and 4 are small tanks modeled after the larger ones in Arthetine.

The six remaining pets are unique. James is the leader of the cats. Ivory Heart Toto is a small white dog. Confidant Chocolatti wears a yellow ribbon. Brave Achatemeow is a white lion. Andrea Sancho is a red panda with an artist's look. Finally, Bilbrin Panther is a brave panther said to have only one owner.

Lost Ark's pets are all unique, and it could take years to get them all.

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