Lost Ark week of March 21 player gifts: Animal Skin Selection Chest, Mokokon Pet Selection Chest, Appearance Change Ticket, and more

Lost Ark has a lot of exciting things stored for fans in the coming months (Image via Smilegate)
Lost Ark has a lot of exciting things stored for fans in the coming months (Image via Smilegate)
Abhishek Mallick

Lost Ark players will be able to get their hands on a fair bit of rewards in the upcoming week as Smilegate will be looking to celebrate all the new players who have joined the MMO in recent weeks.

In their recent official forum post, the developers sought to alleviate some of the common complaints that players have been having with the game’s current state of play.

Progression was one of the biggest concerns amongst fans, as many community members felt that the endgame goal of reaching the desired gear score cap of 1370 and above is becoming an impossibility due to low drop rates and the lack of materials.

Please read this joint update from Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games on how we're addressing player concerns.Check it out!📌

Smilegate addressed all of the player's concerns and promised to make the necessary changes and provide players with valuable rewards, especially those severely affected by bugs.

Lost Ark has a lot of exciting things stored for fans in the coming months

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To celebrate all the new players who became a part of Lost Ark, the developers will also be providing adventurers with some amazing gifts during the week of March 21.

In the official blog, the developers stated:

“Lost Ark fans around the world are celebrating all the new players now enjoying the game they love. Players in Korea received gifts to commemorate the western launch of the game, and we wanted everyone to be included.”

They went on to say that:

“We’re so grateful for all of you who have joined us on the start of this adventure and we’re excited about the long future ahead! To help you on this journey with us, enjoy a gift full of fun cosmetics and useful materials. You’ll receive this gift the week of March 21, after our weekly update and maintenance.”

The gifts that players will be receiving are:

  • New Animal Skin Selection Chest
  • Mokokon Pet Selection Chest
  • Moko-board Mount Selection Chest
  • Lost Ark United Structure
  • Appearance Change Ticket
  • Pheons x132
  • Menelik's Tome x5
  • Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest x2
  • Jukebox songs will be provided when Jukebox content is released in the future.

Apart from the gifts, the developers will actively look into making it rarer for resources to have a higher drop rate so that players don’t constantly struggle to reach the 1370 cap.


They even promised to introduce more cosmetics to the game, along with helping the western servers catch up to their Korean counterparts by accelerating the introduction of more advanced classes.

Hence, fans can look forward to some brand new classes and additional content very soon.

Edited by Srijan Sen


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